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Note: Crafting changed a lot in 2.0 and this mod is now obsolete. I won't update this mod for 2.0.

1) Allows re-crafting Iconics at the current quality level (only with existing recipes). 2) Allows crafting mods at lower quality levels so you can equip them on lower quality weapons and clothing. 3) Fixes small bug with crafting discounts

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What does this mod do?

1) Recraft Iconics at the same quality level

Normally once you get a weapon (or clothes... just Johny's items) up to Legendary quality, the only way to increase the level is by upgrading, which gets very expensive. This leads people to hold off on crafting the Legendary version of a weapon until reaching level 50. This is a really weird situation.

There are other mods which keep upgrading at a fixed cost, or make upgrades bring weapons up to max level, or make weapons just scale with your level all the time. This mod has another solution, which is to just change the crafting recipe so that you can craft the Legendary version using the Legendary version as an ingredient, craft the Epic version using the Epic version as an ingredient, etc.

NOTE: Currently I'm only changing the existing recipes in these cases... the mod does not create a recipe for Rare Iconics where none existed previously (e.g. for the weapons that are given to you as a rare weapon).

It maintains a cost for allowing you to essentially do a big upgrade at once, and largely removes the incentive to wait before crafting.

The changed recipe will ONLY appear if you have the weapon/clothing in your inventory. So if you have the Epic Widowmaker in your inventory, the recipe for crafting the Epic version will display with the Epic Widowmaker as an ingredient. The recipe for the Legendary version will also have the Epic version as an ingredient. 

2) Craft mods at lower qualities

There are a number of weapon and clothing mod recipes, such as Armadillo and Crunch, which can be crafted at any quality. Back before patch 1.5, the quality was random, weighted based on your level (or crafting level, not sure), and any quality mod could be placed on any quality of item.

Now with patch 1.5, the quality you craft is fixed and changes based on your Crafting skill level. Also, you can't place higher quality mods on lower quality weapons/clothing. This causes a problem, because once your crafting skill gets to 9, for instance, you can only craft Epic Armadillos, and if you have any Common or Uncommon clothing, you can't place those Armadillos on them!

This mod simply allows you to craft all of the lower quality mods for the recipes you have, in addition to the normal maximum quality that you have based on your Crafting skill level.

3) Bonus bug fixes

In the unmodded game, all the ingredients for the "random" quality mods except for the Common item part ingredient are not affected by the perks and crafting skills that lower the cost of crafting. Additionally, the base price shows as "0" when you hover over those ingredients. This mod fixes those issues.



  • IMPORTANT: This mod depends on redscriptRED4ext, and TweakXL. Download and install them first!
  • To install this mod, extract the zip file into the Cyberpunk 2077 installation folder.


  • jekky for redscript
  • WopsS for RED4ext
  • psiberx for TweakXL and CET utilities used in this mod

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