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Allows to mark any item in your inventory as a Junk so you will be able to sell all marked items at once using vendors "Sell Junk" option or disassemble everything at once using related backpack menu feature.

Permissions and credits
Allows to mark any item as a Junk with a hotkey to utilize vendors "Sell Junk" option or "Disassemble junk" from your Backpack menu.

Available hotkeys

  • Junk+: marks current targeted item as a junk - use S or Pad_X_SQUARE hotkey
  • Junk+++: marks as junk all items which have the same type and quality as the targeted one - press or Pad_X_TRIANGLE hotkey

How to install

  • Unpack the mod archive into the game installation directory.
  • Install all required mods as well

How to uninstall

  • Delete Cyberpunk 2077\r6\scripts\MarkToSell folder
  • Delete Cyberpunk 2077\r6\input\MarkToSell.xml file


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