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About this mod

Just another weapon holstering mod, powered by redscript

Permissions and credits

  • Holster your weapon by pressing Weapon Cycling hotkey once - Left Alt by default (weapon cycling feature disabled here). Patch 1.5 added its own weapon holster hotkey so you might not need this version anymore.
  • Alternate version which holsters or unholsters your weapon when you hold Reload hotkey (R by default)

Also you may want to check Advanced Control for additional hotkeys (requires CET)

How to install

  • Download the latest redscript release and unpack it into the game folder
  • Unpack the mod archive into the game folder
  • For alternate version you must also add hold definitions for Reload hotkey into inputContexts.xml file (check included guide)

Minimum required redscript version: 0.3.0

How to uninstall

  • Delete the Cyberpunk 2077\r6\scripts\holserByTap.reds file


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// Replaced methods
protected final func UpdateSwitchItem(timeDelta: Float, stateContext: ref<StateContext>, scriptInterface: ref<StateGameScriptInterface>) -> Bool