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Fixes 8 distinct bugs with the status/buff/debuff bar and weapon wheel.

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I found and fixed all these while making the Toxicity mod, and I thought it was enough to be its own mod.

List of bugs this mod fixes:

Buffs removed in error:
  • When Alcohol is consumed, other buffs can be removed (effect actually removed from player). Spicifically the new bonuses from sleeping and showering.
  • Almost the same bug also makes consuming a Perk or Skill Shard remove a sleeping or showering buff.

Buffs disappearing/duplicated from the bar / weapon wheel:
  • If you get a bunch of buffs, let some timeout, then get some more, you can have a duplicated glitched buff showing with static timer.
  • In the weapon wheel buff/debuff list, effects with more than 1 stack are removed from the list when a stack duration is over.

Buff missing an icon:
  • When you use a Max Doc (inhaler), the icon that appears (for 0.1s) at the top of the screen is wrong. It is usually a duplicate of another recently used icon.

Time glitches:
  • Fractional part of Buff/Debuff remaining time in the weapon wheel is incorrect between X.01 and X.09 because it is displayed without the leading zero. (e.g. it displays "17.11", "17.10", "17.9", "17.8", etc.)
  • When a save is loaded and the player has buffs/debuffs in effect, the gradual fill-in visual effect uses the time remaining at load time instead of the max duration of the buff as the denominator when calculating what percent of the icon to fill for the effect.
  • Remaining time displayed on buffs and debuffs next to health bar and in weapon wheel is offset by 15, 30, or 45 minutes (when over a minute long) IF your computer time zone is not a whole number of hours offset from UTC. REALLY! If you set your time zone to UTC +12:45 (Chatham Islands), the times will be offset by 45 minutes.

Here's a video I made showing all the bugs, which I sent to CDPR with a bug report:


  • IMPORTANT: This mod depends on redscript, RED4ext, and TweakXL. Download and install those first!
  • To install this mod, extract the zip file into the Cyberpunk 2077 installation folder.

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