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CDPR made a great overhaul of the police with the 2.0 update. This mod aims to expand on that by greatly expanding the variety of what comes after you, including things like armored SWAT trucks, Mechs, Netwatch agents,.... as well as brand new jurisdictions such as Arasaka, Biotechnica, mercenaries, corporate security and more.

Permissions and credits
New units will now appear to chase you during wanted levels. These include:
They spawn all over Night City, their presence does vary per district as some districts have other factions also spawning..
- Detectives and inspectors will now spawn as part of the wanted level, the level they appear at depends on the district.
- NCPD minotaur mechs will now spawn as part of the wanted level, at 4 stars and up.
- Archer Hella Dreadnaught unmarked & Villefort Cortes Black Agent: Unmarked versions of the police sedans carrying detectives and at higher wanted levels inspectors. They start spawning at 2 - 4 stars depending on how affluent the district is.
- Thorton Merrimac MSP3 Dreadnought: NCPD SUV which starts chasing you at 2 stars and up. They can carry up to 4 cops, who come better equiped than your average cruiser ones.
- Militech Behemoth NCPD: Used by elite NCPD SWAT at 4 and 5 stars.
- Netwatch agents will give chase at 4 stars and up. They spawn in their own variant of the Chevalier Emperor.
They spawn in the Eastern Badlands and also come out at 4 stars and up in Corpo Plaza where their HQ is.
- Militech troops are now clearly set apart by health, weapons and abilities instead of being a random mix. There is regular grunts, soldiers and spec ops units.
- Militech Minotaur mechs will now spawn as part of the wanted level, at 4 stars and up.
- Militech Behemoth: The camo variant is used by Militech at 4 and 5 stars out in the badlands. They can spawn with sniper units alongside the normal troops.
- Militech Hellhound: The regular variant is used by Militech at 4 and 5 stars out in the badlands. They can spawn with heavy gunners alongside the normal troops.
- Militech Mobile Missle Truck: Rare spawn at 5 stars.
They spawn at the border checkpoint and also the road running parallell next to the border wall to the east of the checkpoint.
- The Border Patrol version of the Octant drone now spawns at 3 stars and up.
- Militech Behemoth Border Patrol: Used by SoCal Border Patrol at 4 and 5 stars.
- They now have more tiers compared to vanilla, with the sheriff filling in the blank of the lowest. There is border patrol agents, tactical border patrol agents and snipers. Should they need more reinforcements, NUSA forces will come out to provide specialized respones, more on that below.
Same as vanilla, spawn in Dogtown.
- Bombus drones now occasionally spawn at 1 and 2 stars.
- Wyvern drones now occasionally spawn at 2 and 3 stars.
- Androids now occasionally spawn at 3 and 4 stars on foot.
- Barghest Minotaur mechs now occasionally spawn at 4 and 5 stars.
- Exoskeleton equiped units now occasionally spawn at 5 stars.
- Militia versions of the Barghest vehicles now respond at 4 and 5 stars, carrying a wide variety of units now, such as spec ops units, heavy gunners, netrunners and heavily armored melee units.
- The Barghest version of the Behemoth now spawns at 4 stars and up.

- MaxTac variants of the Thorton Merrimac MSP3 Dreadnought, Militech Behemoth and Militech Hellhound: Low chance to spawn at 5 stars, used by MaxTac.

A few new jurisdictions have been added to the mod
Spawn in North Oaks at the lower stars instead of NCPD.
- They use the Chevillon Thrax 388 Jefferson and the Villefort Alvarado.
- There is regular security guards with hand guns and at 2 stars veteran guards join carrying SMGs.
In Pacifica, mercenaries will come after you in order to claim the bounty on your head. Once you get to 5 stars, the NCPD responds as usual to prevent the violence from blowing over to the other city districts.
- They use various vehicles such as pickups, sports cars, motorcycles,... with the range of cars increasing with better and weaponized cars coming later on.
- They use various weapons, like knives, handguns, shotguns, smgs and rifles with their arsenal increasing as your stars go up.
- They also have their own netrunners, snipers, heavy melee units, gunners, drones and androids.
In the Arasaka Waterfront, Arasaka security forces now provide the response to your wanted level. They also assist other agencies out at North Oaks at 4 stars and up, Corpo Plaza where their tower and the Arasaka dockyard is at 5 stars and also Biotechnica Flats as they are stated to provide troops to Biotechnica for extra security in return for biological weapons where they come out at 4 stars.
- They use various vehicles like Villefort Cortes sedans of which a regular security version exists and an armored version at higher wanted levels. There also is Villefort Columbus vans, Arch motorcycles, Chevillon Emperor 620 Ragnar SUVs and Militech Behemoth trucks.
- There is four tiers of regular units alongside their own assortiment of drones, mechs, netrunners, mantis blade assassin's, regular and heavy gunners etc, ...
In the Biotechnica Flats, Biotechnica now provides the response to your wanted level. They also respond in Downtown at 4 stars and up,  as that's where part of their offices are.
- They use various vehicles like Archer Hella sedans, Thorton Mackinaw pickups and Chevillon Emperor 620 Ragnar SUVs
- There is three tiers of regular units alongside their own assortiment of drones. Arasaka provides specialized responses at 4 stars and up.
Nightcorp now provides security out to the powerplant and the lake area where the dam is as they are the largest contractor of public procurements and are responsible for the city its waterworks, power plants etc,... Additionally they also respond out in the Oil Fields up North as they are co owner with Petrochem as mentioned in the game its compendium. They will also provide a response out in Charter Hill as they have a heavy presence there. Finally some of their units will also respond at 5 stars in Downtown, where their HQ is.
- They use various vehicles like Villefort Cortes sedans, Thorton Merrimac SUVs, Chevillon Emperor 620 Ragnar SUVs, Militech Behemoth trucks and Militech Hellhound APCs.
- There is four tiers of regular units alongside their own assortiment of drones, netrunners, gunners, snipers etc, ...

Kang Tao security forces will now come after you in Corpo Plaza, as the Kang Tao HQ is located here. They respond at 3 - 5 stars.
- They use Villefort Cortes sedans, Villefort Columbus vans and Militech Behemoth trucks.
- There is regular agents, tactical operatives and elite units alongside sniper teams and their own drones.
Sheriffs deputies will now appear at the border wall at low wanted levels.
- They use the sheriff variant of the Villefort Cortes.
While you normally can't commit crimes and get a wanted level out in the NC Spaceport, there is ways to still get one. If you do, Orbital Air security forces will be the response out here at 1 and 2 stars before NCPD takes over.
- They use the Chevillon Emperor 620 Ragnar.
- There is regular guards for first responses and a higher tier in case things escalate
The NUSA will send forces after you if you take things to far with the Border Patrol at the wall or out in Yucca (town of the Nomad intro). They start spawning at 4 stars and completely take over at 5 stars.
- They use various vehicles like Chevillon Emperor 620 Ragnar SUVs, Militech Behemoth trucks and Militech Hellhound APCs.
- There is two tiers of regular units (other tiers are handled by Border Patrol) alongside their own assortiment of drones, robots, netrunners, gunners and snipers.

Other new changes to improve the wanted level system further include:
- The Lexington pistol is the official sidearm of the NCPD. Yet ingame they use the Unity instead. This has been fixed, so expect to see police officers using the Lexington now instead.
- NCPD SWAT operators vanilla don't use any automatic weapons for some reason, only shotguns. They now instead come equiped with Saratoga SMGs, Copperhead Assault rifles and Crusher shotguns. Snipers haven't been touched.
- NCPD SWAT heavies are now properly marked with a skull similar to the gang variant of these units and have an increased health pool as such. They will now start spawning at 4 stars instead 3 stars and always come from the Hellhound.
- MaxTac has a low chance to spawn in ground vehicles now at 5 stars, alongside the usual AV spawns. This way, if you are duking it out with the police underneath overpasses or in a tunnel, they now actually show up unlike vanilla, where they wouldn't spawn at all until you are in a spot with open sky again.
- Militech troops have now been revised a bit, so you no longer get soldiers with skull icons appearing at 1 star already like vanilla. The escalation is now comparable to the other jurisdictions with better equiped troops appearing the higher your wanted level gets.
- The affiliation and unit names of a lot of the wanted level units has been looked into, so no more NCPD affiliated Netwatch or Militech units and NCPD SWAT for example now properly gets marked as being 'tactical officers' instead of beat cops.
- When you kill a wanted level enemy they will now drop their weapon for you to pick up and they usually also carry somekind of loot on their person.
- At 1 star, the units responding will engage you with melee weapons first unless you drive off or they can't reach you. 2 stars and up is the usual.
- NCPD response now varries more per district, with the newer police sedan being the main vehicle in high class neighborhoods while poor neighborhoods will mainly have the older cruiser.
- The amount of police spawning during wanted levels has been tweaked. Lower wanted levels have less cops with longer spawn delays to simulate a slow response to crimes in general, while higher wanted levels are slightly bumped up.
- In Dogtown, wanted levels go up slower at higher levels, so MaxTac only shows up when the situation really is FUBAR. Additionally shooting civilians won't get you much farther than 2 stars as the Barghest doesn't care at all, however engaging the responding units will still raise the wanted level at a steady pace.
- The amount of cops walking the beat has been halved, as there was simply too many vanilla for a police department that is supposed to be underfunded and understaffed.
- Police officers walking the beat in poorer neighborhoods tend to wear armor while the ones in rich areas generally don't.
- The amount of time it takes to lose the cops has been increased a bit as vanilla was simply too short. It's not a whole lot at lower wanted levels but if you go out of your way to piss of the police you will notice the difference at higher wanted levels. 30 seconds get added per wanted star.
- If you commit a crime and stay at the crime scene it will take a while before the stars start flashing. If you flee the area however it will speed up the process drastically.

The non Phantom Liberty version of the mod is close to the full version minus a few changes which had to be made for it to work.
- Biotechnica agents have a default look instead of using the actual Biotechnica models the DLC provides.
- Orbital Air security uses default models instead of the actual OA security models the DLC provides.
- NUSA forces use more generic assets instead of the actual NUSA npc's, drone, android and SUV the DLC provides.
- Orbital Air and NUSA units when scanned show base game text strings instead of the more fitting DLC ones.

I'll hop on here to check out comments whenever I can, but I'm still easiest reached out on discord. If you want you can join the server below and drop a message in the troubleshooting section.