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Adds a number of bar drinking spots to the game where V can grab a drink, maybe even share one... v0.5.x is limited to Watson, Westbrook, and Heywood locations. Also adds some vista/locations from Edgerunners where V can sit/relax. Future updates will add more districts, more actions (eating), and *maybe* more characters.

Permissions and credits
New immersive drinking locations around Night City*!

Sit and have a drink at a number of bars/diners/kiosks.

Invite a friend? Have a drink and a chat at some of these locations with Jackie, Judy, Kerry, Panam or River!

Visit some of the locations from the Edgerunners anime, find spots where you can sit or lean from some of the iconic locations visited in the show.

Future updates will expand drinking locations to other districts, add more interactions like drinking, and flesh out more sit/lean/relax locations around the city.
*(v0.3 limited to Watson and Westbrook)

Ko-Fi link:
Really like my mod(s)?: Ko-Fi: Deceptious

How to install and 'start' the mod (important read me)
Unzip the .zip file into the "Cyberpunk 2077" folder so that the archive ends up in the "Cyberpunk 2077\archive\pc\mod" folder.
Once in game, travel to V's apartment (in H10, if you are already there, leave and return).
This will start all of the interactions and spots, this works for new games and save games, no need to start a new game!
You can verify if it is working by if the [REBOOT] interaction has appeared in the stash room.
Do NOT press the button unless you want to stop/reboot the mod. This will stop the mod until you leave and reenter the apartment.

[2.0.0 does NOT need any requirements, future versions will when they work] Requirements
The mod requires ArchiveXL v1.4.4 or newer for the subtitles and lipsync to work, and TweakXL for the Edgerunners icon at the vistas

REDmod install
Unzip the REDmod .zip file into the "Cyberpunk 2077" folder, so that the NightCityInteractions folder ends up in "Cyberpunk 2077\mods". Enable mods in the launcher.
The rest of the steps are the same.
I would advise against having both versions installed, but one should simply overrule the other without much fuss.

How to uninstall super safely
Testing of the v0.2.1 update suggests that removal of the existing mod doesnt have major consequences, but if you want to be super sure:

Step 1: Travel to V's first/main apartment in H10
Step 2: Find and use the [REBOOT NCI] interaction in the stash room
Step 3: Save and quit the game
Step 4: Delete the NightCityInteractions.archive file AND NightCityInteractions.archive.xl the from the "Cyberpunk 2077\archive\pc\mod" folder. Or (REDmod) delete the NightCityInteractions folder from the "Cyberpunk 2077\mods" location.

These steps should ensure your save game doesn't crash trying to still run any of the interactions

How to update the mod
In order to add certain new features to future versions of the mod, like props or new NPCs, the scene needs to be rebooted:
Step 1: Travel to V's first/main apartment in H10
Step 2: Find and use the [REBOOT NCI] interaction in the stash room
Step 3: Leave the apartment and then walk back in

For smaller updates that don't need a total reboot, simply using one of the already working interactions will then update and enable any newly added ones!

Where are the Drinking Spots where you can drink with a companion?
Tom's Diner
Xiao Xiongmao (Chinese restaurant above the location of Gig: Wakako's Favorite, NW of Crescent & Broad)
Lele Park outdoor bar

When can I drink with a companion?
Jackie: Whenever he's not busy (example: waiting for you at All Foods, best time is after seeing Vik but before meeting Dex)
Judy: Once she's friendly enough to accept calls from you
Panam: Once the Nomads have moved camp
River: Once you have complete the quest line where you meet him
Kerry: Once he's friendly enough to accept your calls

Where else can V have a drink?
Ho-Oh club
Kabuki Roundabout kiosk
NID Docks stall
Jig Jig street
Cherry Blossom market
Bar along Gold Niwaki Plaza

Can V smoke anywhere yet?
"V" can smoke at Atlantis... sort of, go check it out!

Where are the Edgerunners locale interactions?
There is (currently) a spot for each episode.

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

Episode 3:

Episode 4:

Episode 5:

Episode 6:

Episode 7:

Episode 8:

Episode 9:

Episode 10:

This mod is an on going project! Major bugs will get patches, minor ones may wait until a new version.
Drinking spots are limited to Watson and Westbrook for v0.3 (I haven't got around to the other districts yet)

Currently, and for the near future, the mod is limited to English. Eventually I would like to support all the standard 2077 languages.
Current Lip Sync support:
Full! LipSync for all of 2077's supported VO languages.

Current Subtitles support:
  • English: Full
  • Other languages:  Text for all languages localised via google translate so I expect some issues... sorry!

Compatibility risks:

Low, I'm still one of the only ones modding these files currently.
A small number of sectors had to be edited to prevent the player sitting inside NPCs, this may conflict with some sector editing mods and I would recommend giving this mod/archive priority for these few cases

The mod adds the following new files:
  • dlc\dlc6_apart\scenes\night_city_interactions.scene
  • base\gameplay\gui\common\icons\mappin_icons_nci.xbm (adds an Edgerunners icon for the locales interactions)
  • base\gameplay\gui\common\icons\mappin_icons_1080p_nci.xbm (see above)
  • base\gameplay\gui\common\icons\mappin_icons_nci.inkatlas(see above)
  • nci_subs.json, <language id>_subtitles.json, and lips.lipmap files for all localizations
The mod edits the following files:
  • base\quest\minor_quests\mq000\phases\mq000_vs_apartment_interactions.questphase (setups the scene)
  • base\worlds\03_night_city\_compiled\default\exterior_-10_-8_0_1.streamingsector (NPC workspot adjustments)
  • base\worlds\03_night_city\_compiled\default\exterior_-12_9_0_1.streamingsector  (NPC workspot adjustments)
  • base\worlds\03_night_city\_compiled\default\exterior_-17_-20_0_0.streamingsector (NPC workspot adjustments)
  • base\worlds\03_night_city\_compiled\default\exterior_-23_-1_0_0.streamingsector (NPC workspot adjustments)
  • base\worlds\03_night_city\_compiled\default\exterior_-4_-4_0_1.streamingsector (NPC workspot adjustments)
  • base\worlds\03_night_city\_compiled\default\quest_1d80ac67f39864eb.streamingsector (NPC workspot adjustments)
  • base\worlds\03_night_city\_compiled\default\quest_d9b1b5422f36a8fc.streamingsector (NPC workspot adjustments)

Known Issues/limitations:
Sometimes physics props can get knocked around by V sitting down, this might require even more sector editing, which i would prefer to avoid for now.
This mod is designed for first person, I can't guarantee they won't have clipping issues in third person right now.

I've tried to cover all the bases I can, but this is a very complex mod and I can only test so much. Please report any bugs so i can look into fixing them!