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This mod add a new selectable skin of the Yaiba Kusanagi in the Player garage

Permissions and credits

What does it do ?

This mod let the player use another skin of The Yaiba Kusanagi named "Edgerunner", it was previoulsy made in a similar fashion by the request of a discord user. The previous was a replace, now it's an addition and has most of the graphics redone.

To help you add in a easy way the vehicle i already published a mod to do so it's name is NeuroDeck, made with Cyber Engine Tweaks.

To enable it, during a gameplay:
  • open the game menu
  • select the MODS voice
  • In the Native Settings UI panel go to NeuroDeck
  • Activate the Yaiba "Edgerunner" switch
  • Go back to the game and call the vehicles from the garage

if you DON'T want to download my manager you can register the bike in your garage lauching this command in CET:

Game.GetVehicleSystem():EnablePlayerVehicle("Vehicle.Neurolinked.v_sportbike1_yaiba_kusanagi_player_edgerunner_01", true, false)

Then call the vehicle from the garage
Extract the compressed file and put the contents into the main game folder.

Default game folder location

Steam C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Cyberpunk 2077
Epic C:\Program Files\Epic Games\Cyberpunk 2077
GOG C:\Program Files (x86)\GOG Galaxy\Games\Cyberpunk 2077

If you don't want to use redmod, you can take the .archive file in mods and place under your game folder in archive\pc\mod.
Be aware that it's built to be used with the new redmod archive system

How i uninstall the mod
Go to your game mod folder and delete the FILES in this folder structure

├── archive
└── pc
 └── mod
 └── neuro_yaiba_edgerunner_01.xl
├── mods
└── Neuro_Yaiba_Edgerunner
 ├── archives
 │└── Neuro_Yaiba_Edgerunner.archive
 └── info.json
└── r6
└── tweaks
  └── neurolinked
└── neuro_yaiba_edgerunner_01.yaml

  • neuro_yaiba_edgerunner_01.xl [ under archive\pc\mod ]
  • Neuro_Yaiba_Edgerunner [ folder and it's file content  under mods]
  • neuro_yaiba_edgerunner_01.yaml [ under r6\tweaks\neurolinked\ ]

A huge Thanks to :

Halvkyrie and her's tutorial/guide about vehicles addition
Keanu for saving my brain during a melting icon conversion
Erok because it's a good fellow doggo
SilverEzredes because bullied me to do better
All the WolvenKit Dev Team
Johnson that lured me with promises in a community with a huge amount of good peoples

Last but not least ᴎim that it's the researcher that bring us the light in the dark always on the edge of modding discover

If you are interested in learning more, join us over at DISCORD. We'll help out where we can.