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Allows to tweak loot markers visibility for each item rarity type.

Permissions and credits
Allows to tweak loot markers visibility for each item rarity type.
Possible options: visible through walls, default in-game behavior, visible when scanner is active, hidden.

How to install
  • Download the latest redscript release and unpack it into the game folder
  • Unpack the mod archive into the game folder

Minimum required redscript version: 0.1.10

How to configure
Open r6\scripts\hideLootMarkers.reds with notepad or notepad++ and change configuration section variables as you like.

Default settings:
  • Iconic: visible through walls
  • Legendary: visible through walls
  • Epic: default game behavior
  • Rare: visible only when scanner is active
  • Uncommon:  visible only when scanner is active
  • Common: hidden

How to uninstall
Delete the mod scripts from Cyberpunk 2077\r6\scripts along with installed redscript compiler files.

Official patches compatibility
Since version 0.1.9 redscript can handle the game updates by itself.

jekky for the redscript compiler
Thortok2000 for rarity defined visibility idea
CP77 modding discord

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