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Triggers external media player (such as Spotify or VLC) when entering and exiting cars

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[ Cyberpunk 2077 External Radio ]

This is the simplest and most versatile solution I could find for a radio replacer.

[ How it works ]

  • The redscript script watches for the player to enter or exit the front left seat
  • The redscript calls a function in red4ext that tells the windows global media controls to play or pause

[ Installation ]

  • Use Vortex or unzip in your game directory

[ Tested Players ]

┃ Player  ┃ Supported ┃ Plugin required ┃
│ Spotify │ Yes       │ No              │
│ VLC     │ Yes       │ vlc-win10smtc    │
│ Winamp  │ Yes       │ gen_smtc        │
│ Youtube │     │ No              │
Icons8: ChromeFirefoxEdgeOpera GX

[ How to know if your player is supported ]

If your player appears in the windows system media transport controls (SMTC) it is supported
This can be seen by changing the volume and seeing if the player shows up

If your player is not supported, it will not show up

If your player is not supported, you may be able to find an SMTC integration plugin

Additonally, there is this document with a more extensive list of media players thats support SMTC, and various features of it