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Generates a unique backstory for each crowd NPC scanned. Procedurally generates the background based on the NPC's appearance/gender. NPC's background is displayed in a new section on the scanner pane!

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Ever want to know more about the people around you? Want to know who might be out to get you? Try the InfoComp© Scanner Plugin today! Kiroshi Optics has partnered with information giant InfoComp to bring you ALL the information you need to protect yourself. Using InfoComp's patented Net scraping databank we can provide all the juicy details on those around you instantaneously!

The InfoComp© scanner provides you with: a synopsis of your target's early background, what kind of childhood they had, and any other significant events that are available on the Net!

Compatible with all Kiroshi Optical devices.

Installation Requirements
Requires the latest version of Redscript (v0.2.11)

Installation Guide

Note: A previous version of this mod was incompatible with the newest Redscript version (v.0.2.11) and thus was added to Redscript's exclusion list. This has since been fixed in the latest version of the mod, but users will have to ensure they remove "backgroundScanner" from the exclusion list.

1. Download and extract the mod from here
2. Drag the r6 folder into your Cyberpunk 2077 game folder
3. Modify r6/scripts/redscript.toml and remove "backgroundScanner" from the exclusion list.

  • Adds an additional "info" section to the Kiroshi Optical Scanner
  • Crowd NPCs will have a unique, procedurally generated background story displayed in the panel
  • Uses NPC's appearance to generate a more relevant background story. Rich/Corporate NPCs will typically have more positive/affluent events while Poor/Homeless NPCs will have had much more difficult lives.

Scan an NPC using the game's scanner tool (tab by default) to see their unique background story.

Tested and working with Cyberpunk's 1.2 Patch
You may see duplicate NPCs walking around with the same appearance/backgrounds. This is because of the way the game currently handles crowd spawning/despawning. Hopefully will be fixed in a future update by CDPR.

If you find any bugs or odd behavior, post a comment and I'll work to address it ASAP.

Generated stats for each scanned NPCs
Integration into other game systems/mods

Likely not compatible with other Redscript mods that modify the scanner device

Anyone willing to provide translations, please feel free to do! 

How To Make Translations
The text.reds file includes all the strings used within this mod. You'll want to modify each variable in that file with your translations.

Both male and female variants of text strings are defined in text.reds. By default, male variant strings are not required, if it is not defined the female variant will surfaced. English text strings are generally written in a gender-neutral way so a lot of strings will have only "female" variants defined.  If your language is gendered you may provide a string for both the male and female variant strings which will be surfaced depending on whether the subject of the scan is male or female.

Once your translations are complete, you can replace the default text.reds file with your translated version to test them out in-game.

Hosting Translations
Please upload your translations to Nexus and link them to this mod. Screenshot on how to do this:

To ensure that your translations are compatible with any updates/fixes for this mod be sure to include only the modified text.reds file in your upload. You'll want to structure your uploaded zip file as follows: r6/scripts/backgroundScanner/text.reds. Your text.reds file should overwrite the one in this mod.

Massive thanks to BadAssGodFather for his contributions/coming up with a ton of new events
Huge thanks to jekky for his excellent Redscript compiler
Based on the CP2020 Lifepath Generation Program by Mark A. Hassman
Thanks to everyone over at the 
CP77 modding discord