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A convenient place to obtain all of Slappy's various clothing offerings for both Fem and Masc V!

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CDPR gives us generous offerings of clothing items, but many of us just want stuff that's more our style. My Atelier features things that are in alignment with community events I share with our community (such as the Night City Treasure Hunt!) as well as things that just inspire me.

...honestly I just wanted it.


Literally would not have pulled this off without the AMAZING and BRILLIANT preemest of chooms, PinkyDude! Like for real. Pinky made this for me and has given me his consent to post it here.


I personally don't accept tips, but if you feel so inclined, toss some eds Pinky's way via his Ko-Fi.


There are several things that I'm asking of you, should you choose to use my mods:

1) Please read all requirements. Download and install them according to the instructions on each respective mod page.

2) BE PATIENT WHEN THE GAME GETS UPDATED. Updates will bork required mods that will make this one work, ESPECIALLY the following:

The aforementioned mods ALWAYS need updating whenever CDPR updates the game, so check those mod pages for updates when the game is updated.

My Atelier items ALL add items; they're not replacers. So the requirements are all HARD requirements.

TL;DR please read all instructions and requirements, and if needed, read again. If you have questions, please read comments on the respective mod pages to see if it's an issue, or a question another person has asked before. These mods are all very straightforward and have good descriptions on the installation instructions. 

3) For now I am planning to keep comments open, but if I see the trends that are very common on mod pages (special requests, demands, questions that can be answered by reviewing the requirements at the top of the page, mod description, instructions, and being impatient for updates after the game has been updated), I will freeze/disable comments. And I definitely won't answer private messages of that nature.

I share this to be very clear from the jump; I'm happy to share the work that Pinky has shared with me, but my time is precious and it will be counterproductive for me to repeat what's clearly listed here and in the required mod pages.

4) For now I only have clothing items for vanilla bodies (base game). If you'd like a refit/are willing to do a refit OR if you're looking for someone who will do refits, please send them my way and we can discuss. All bodies are good bodies! I just don't uuuhhh do refits. Hell I didn't even make this mod, I'm just the gonk posting it.

We chill? Nova. Let's burn some scratch and don new threads!



1) Download and install the requirements for this mod
2) Download this mod (Slappy's Emporium) from the Files tab
2) Unzip
3) Drop archive and r6 folders from the unzipped Slappy's Emporium folder into your main Cyberpunk 2077 folder

From here, you're welcome to test the Atelier to see if it's working by going to any of the computers in V's homes.

For anyone using AMM, you can spawn a laptop from the Decor tab and access the Atelier on that computer (I do this when I'm feeling lazy and don't wanna travel). 

If you're feeling *really* saucy, you are welcome to download and install my clothing items and then launch the game and test the Atelier - doing that will ensure the mod's working, as well as checking the items in the shop and acquiring them!

My Atelier items have a high level requirement because they are all Legendary items. I have chosen to keep them this way. 

If you need to level up your V, I highly recommend:

1) Grinding through the game. It's an awesome game. Play it LOTS.


2) Getting an OP mod, such as BananPrzydawka GodMode - I highly recommend that one if ya need to level up in a pinch.

My mods are available to general audiences and there are no Adult content warnings on any of my mods. You're welcome to get spicy with my clothing items on your own, but any NSFW images submitted to the images section will automatically be declined. How you use and post them on your socials is your biz. How I run my mod pages is mine.

I genuinely wish you all the best, and hope you get to enjoy using my Atelier! And feel free to check out my clothing items!


PinkyDude for creating this mod, working with me, and being awesome
Grindera for making and sharing Juby's outfit with me


I maintain a Mod Resource Guide, which is a dynamic Google Doc that contains links to a slew of tutorials, immersive mods, super intuitive mods, and mod creation resources (from beginner to complex). There are also links to various template and Discord Servers where additional help can be found.

Personally I'm not very active on Discord, but I find the search feature super beneficial and can often find the answers to my questions by combing through the search results in a variety of Discord servers.

I'm mostly active on Instagram, but I drop in on Twitter and Tumblr from time to time, and Reddit as well (but inactive) - all under this same username (Slappyrad). 

Anywho, all the best to ya, choom!

- Slappy :)