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Slaughtomatics are legendary!

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Slaughtomatics are legendary!


  • Download TweakXL.
  • Download RED4ext.
  • Download my mod and drop its content in your game's folder. Should look like this: 
  • \Cyberpunk 2077\r6\tweaks\LegendarySlaughtomatic.yaml

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Performance Boost For Potato PC
Disable Zoom Glitch Effects
Disable Vignette and Sharpening 
Disable Holocall Glitches 
Disable Death Glitches 
Disable Damage Glitches
Disable Fall Damage Glitches and Falling Filter 

More Eddies found lying around in Night City (Redmod version) 
More Eddies found lying around in Night City (Cyber Engine Tweaks version) 
Custom Sell Prices (Doubled Sell Prices x1.5 Sell Prices x4 Sell Prices) 
Better Sell Prices for Jewelry
Free Vending Machines
Better Vendors
Expensive Night City
Almost Everything Is Free
Buy Prices Cut In Half

No Ammo Drops 

Holocalls to Audiocalls (Redmod version)
Holocalls to Audiocalls (Redscript version)
Instant Translations (Redmod version) 
Instant Translations (Redscript version)
Better Fast Travel Map (Redmod version) 
Better Fast Travel Map (Redscript version) 

Hooligan (Better Vending Machine vandalizing)
Better Vending Machine Hacking 

Unlocked Attachments
Unlocked Attachments - Cyber Engine Tweaks port
Semi-Unlocked Attachments (TweakXL port)
Better Attachments
Customizable Attachments 

Custom Magazine Sizes - Fully customizable
Custom Max Ammo - Fully customizable

Legendary Slaught-o-matic
Legendary Iconics

No Hard Falls 
Custom Falls 

Sprint while Blocking and Aiming
Better Throwing Knives 

Better Berserk
Superhero Landing on command
Better Superhero Landing Damage and Dismemberment

Better Mod Slots for Weapons and Arms Cyberware (Gorilla Arms Projectile Launch System Monowire Mantis Blades Ranged and Melee Weapons)
Any Mod in Any Slot
Additional Mod Slots for Arms Cyberware (Gorilla Arms Projectile Launch System Monowire Mantis Blades)

Better Consumables (Cyber Engine Tweaks port) 
Custom Rested Buff Duration
Custom Refreshed Buff Duration
Custom Energized Buff Duration