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Unlocks the ability to watch TV anywhere, after completing a tiny collection quest.

Permissions and credits
Unlocks the ability to watch TV anywhere, after completing a tiny quest to collect the tablet it plays on.
Compatible with Idle Anywhere
Requires ArchiveXL 1.4.3 or newer!

The quest: Throw Away Your Television
Collect Vik's old VideoTab from the back room of Misty's Shop
Starts with a text message from Vik once the following conditions are met:
  • You have paid back your debt to Vik.
  • You are outside of the Little China subdistrict
If Vik still doesn't message you with these conditions after going to V's H10 apartment:
  • Make sure ArchiveXL is working correctly and that the .archive.xl file is present
  • Use the following CET console command:
    Game.GetQuestsSystem():SetFactStr("deceptious_quest_06", 1)
  • Restart the process from the 'Visit V's starting apartment in H10.' step

How to "use" the mod?
Visit V's starting apartment in H10. You only need to do this once to 'activate' the mod.
Complete the quest Throw Away Your Television quest.
Press the Sprintinput while the following is true:
  • Stood still (not sat, or crouched)
  • Not in a moving elevator (probably can't be vehicle surf either)
  • Out of combat
  • Have empty hands
  • Not looking directly up or down
  • Not scanning (zooming is okay)
The menu will also not work when controlling surveilance systems, in Brain Dances, and shouldn't work in Johnny's memories either.
If you do have/use the option while in conversation with NPCs just be aware that it can sometimes cause NPCs to sound distant/quiet during the animation(s)

Ko-Fi link:
Really like my mod(s)?: Ko-Fi: Deceptious

Unzip the main zip into "Cyberpunk 2077" folder so that the .archive and archive.xl files end up in the "Cyberpunk 2077\archive\pc\mod" folder

Non-english localization? (if you really want, you can put the archive file in the IdleAnywhere redmod folder)
Coming soon

Avoid saving with the choice option on screen and then:
Simply delete the IdleAnywhere.archive file from the "Cyberpunk 2077\archive\pc\mod" folder.

You can also remove the TvAnywhere.yaml file from "Cyberpunk 2077\r6\tweaks"

TweakXL (and that needs Red4Ext): The idle menu will not work without this
ArchiveXL (also needs Red4Ext): The quest will not work without this
Deceptious Quest Core: The mod will not activate without this

This is a quite experimental mod, I've tried to cover/block all cases where you shouldn't be able to see/use the menu, but some cases might still occur and need fixing.

Currently english only, other languages should see the english versions rather than being blank.
Other language localization coming soon.

I can't find any meaningful way to control the volume of the device.
Video quality seems a little bit poor on some shows/channels, they are the same shows/channels as base game apartment TVs, this mod does not change them.
Ideally the camera FoV and DoF should change to focus on the tablet then using it, but this stopped working on repeat interations, so for now I have disabled it for conistency.
Currently does not support the display of subtitles.

If anyone finds any bugs beyond what's listed in in Issues/Limitations, please let me know!
I've tested a lot of cases, but have probably missed something somewhere in the game. If you find any cases of being able to idle action when you shouldnt, or doing so breaking something, please open a bug ticket for it!