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An plugin that load custom TweakDBs for REDengine 4 (Cyberpunk 2077).

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Attention! This mod is not supported anymore, use TweakXL instead.

TweakDBext is a plugin that can load custom TweakDBs. Giving modders the possibility to add or change records in the database.

How to create a new TweakDB file?
To create a new TweakDB file you need WolvenKit (GitHub).

Where should I place the TweakDB files?

The TweakDB file should be placed in game_root/r6/tweakdbs. You can place them in the directory tweakdbs (e.g. r6/tweakdbs/my_db.bin) or create a sub-directory for you mod (e.g. r6/tweakdbs/wopss_dbs/my_db.bin).