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A few minor tweaks to vehicle summon system: increased repair cost, decreased summon distances, paid vehicle calls and dismissing.

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A few minor tweaks for vehicle summon system, made by request.


  • Dismiss: sends your vehicle away and schedules its despawn (check short demo in videos section)
  • Paid Summon: each vehicle summon will cost you 100 eddies
  • Repair Cost: repair price for destroyed vehicles summoning increased from 100 to 1500 eddies
  • Shorter Summon Distance: summon and spawn distances for summoned vehicles decreased by four times. The numbers I used might not be perfect or behave weird so you can tweak it by yourself inside summonDistance.yaml file (and let me know if you'll find better vaules).
  • Favorites: allows you to pin any vehicles in vehicles summon widget so the pinned ones always will be on top of the list


  • e256 for the mod idea
  • beetus142 for dismissing idea and Scissors123454321 for hints
  • SyberSyko for favorites idea

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