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Workshop add-on pack. Adds 1000s of unique, lore friendly items to build in your settlements. Script injected, adding a new menu 'cVc'

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Dead Wasteland is a Workshop add-on pack for Fallout 4 themed to a post apocalyptic aesthetic. It adds 1000s of unique, custom made assets to build in your settlements. The Core file runs without DLC requirements

The mod is installed using script injection, adding a new Workshop menu 'cVc'. Each object has an individual ID by design, they will not affect vanilla assets. Safe to add/remove mid game. Feel free to posts your screen shots to the image tab. 

snapping • lighting • sound effects • navmesh • collision • animation

beds • chairs • tables • dog houses • walls • counters
shacks • homes • fences • decorations • bonfires 
and more...

sofas • shacks • greenhouse sets • warehouse sets • rvs
barges • brotherhood of steel sets • diner sets • capsule sets
platforms • industrial sets • garage sets • wooden sets
utility room sets • clothes lines • canopies • pier shack sets
and more...

power • water • guard posts • levelled stores • crafting

containers • deco • resources • building sets • furniture

20 vault-tec, blue holotapes have been scattered across
the commonwealth to discover... uncover the myth

example settlement builds using dead wasteland's core file:
red rocket
 • county crossing • oberland station • tenpines bluff

nuka world • far harbor • trailer park workshop