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A tiny hamlet located high in the mountains, generally accessible only by foot, intended to provide food and shelter to weary travelers and merchants. An immersive & lore-friendly build.

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!! UPDATE !!


This blueprint (v2.0) now uses SLOT #12

version 1.0 will still be available for download (v1.0 uses slot #2)

New in 2.0 (see photos): 
  • Walled up the whole of the camp except the side facing the cliff. The West Gate is moved to the east side facing the bridge.
  • The Bar/Restaurant is completely redesigned and repositioned so as not to exceed the boundaries too much.
  • No more stationary guards, all guards now roam around (each guard patrols between 3 spots)
  • A new structure (Guard Tower) is built on the east side facing the bridge
  • Major changes to a lot of structure pieces (they'll still look more or less the same but sturdier)
  • Added a lot more clutter to make it look more "lived-in"
  • Cricket's Spot is moved from the workshop to the cooking station

  • This settlement runs mostly on sustainable energy (2 Large Solar Panels, 1 Windmill Generator, 2 Wind-powered Water Pumps) except for 2 Gasoline-powered Generators
  • 2 Gated entrances
  • 2 Guard towers & 2 heavy laser turrets cover the South Gate
  • 2 Guard towers & 2 heavy laser turrets cover the East Gate
  • Guards & 2 heavy laser turrets cover the cliffside
  • Weapons & Armor Dealers
  • A Workshop (complete with all crafting workbenches)
  • A Clothing Store
  • Designated spots for all 4 Bunker Hill Merchants.
  • A small Tato Farm & Carrot Garden
  • A Mortar Emplacement
  • A Bar/Restaurant
  • A Travelers Inn (can accommodate up to 14 people)
  • Cozy Lounging Areas

No out-of-place objects. Very minimal use of concrete as I imagined this raw material by this time would be very scarce. No cars or vehicles are used since this is a remote settlement and quite far from the nearest road.

Import using Transfer Settlements - Shareable Settlement Blueprints. Uses slot #14.