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This is my Tenpines Bluff Mountain Refuge build. I imagined this as friendly settlement where travelers & merchants can stop by, resupply or stay a day or two before going on their way. Safe & Cozy. I tried to make this as immersive & lore friendly as possible. No impossible structures. Enjoy!

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Update 1.3: Managed to remove Craftable Turret Stands & Craftable Balcony Supports as mod requirements. Used their cVc counterparts instead.

This blueprint uses SLOT #7

Key features:
  • Avoided using objects that I think are either too heavy/impractical to carry uphill or otherwise shouldn't be there at all.
  • Very minimal use of concrete (only for the Minutemen's mortar cannon's base) as I imagined this raw material by this time, is very scarce.
  • No cars or vehicles since this is a remote settlement and quite far from the nearest road.
  • This settlement uses sustainable energy (solar & wind) except for 2 gasoline powered generators.
  • The construction lights have their own power & switches however.
  • Everything is meticulously aligned & measured (& snapped!)
  • No impossible looking structures. All structures have supports of some sort.
  • I intentionally omitted adding more food sources (except for a few carrots plants behind the settlement) since this settlement's food supply is dependent on the supply line on my playthrough.
  • Well lighted.
  • All entrances are covered by turrets & guard posts. Enemy spawn points too!
  • All 4 travelling merchants have their own spots.