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Children of atom theme 's blueprint
If you don't use conqueror anymore....you can dowload the other one from myself
this is the link :https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/59227/?tab=posts&jump_to_comment=107566203

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I made this bright bluff became a secrets place for COA....... It's a friendly transfer settlement  because we only needs a few mods.
Sorry for my bad english.....
But I hope you enjoy it.

Any way , When you use my blueprint,  You have to pick the “Load sim Settlement objects and upgrades” (my sim settlement is chinese version,I'm not sure if that's the phrase,Butl mean the same thing)
   Maybe sometimes won't receive cable, may have to trouble yourself to receive cable....  But don't worry, the insulators will still load.  
And in the end , there is a very important thing...The plot's building , you have to order someone to do...then the building will appear.... some plot still need eletric .... then they can work(Brain Fungus Farm,COA cemetery ......  ).