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Starlight Drive In build inspired by western movies and the American old west.

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An Old West themed version of Starlight Drive In. It comes in 2 flavors. The No Frills version and the Business Class version.
Both have the usual Tier 2 vendors and a few guard posts.

Business Class mainly adds a player house and a pond.

1st class adds a greenhouse; turns the pond into a pool - with fish; A guard house with 2 beds and guard posts on top; another 3 settler workstations; trees, flowers and grass - A lot of grass......

I have no idea where attacks will be coming from so I have scattered turrets all around the perimeter – which is a palisade wall.

There is no power grid as such. The generator is only wired to the water pump and the beacon. I used oil lamps and candles throughout the settlement.

I left one house empty on purpose. For you to use as you see fit. Not in the "1st Class" version though.

Start by scrapping everything. Make sure you scrap the shack around the workbench too. You can leave the trees and everything close to the fence.
You can see the perimeter on the map I added among the pictures. Basically it is inside the chain link fence.
I use Scrap Everything It can be done – I did it after all…….. Be aware though that the projector consists of an awful number of parts.
If, by the end, you cannot get to the UFO – and have some parts floating high above you- I suggest building a scaffold. That’s at least what I did.
Make sure your budget is up to the task – though the item count is not particularly high. 653 up to 994 items. 8 up to 18 mods.

This might look differently depending on what/if you have any texture replacers. And/or have added any trees/bushes/other foliage.

You will need:

Cabin In The Woods
cVc Dead Wasteland 6
HUDFrameworkRequired by TS
Log Walls
HZS Easy Homebuilder and Working Double Beds
Transfer Settlements
Nuka World shopper’s paradise

For Business class add:
Better Cooking Stations  Optional
Build your own pool Water in the pond
Compact crafting    Optional – for the workbench in the player house only
CREAtiveGardens    Plants in the pond
CWSS Redux
Do it yourself – clutter for shelves etc Used for storage/decoration in player house. German translation – the (original) English has moved to Bethnet
Dino’s decorations
Northland Diggers
V's Stylish Décor

For 1st class you also need:
Cryss greenhouses
G2M workshopOptional - fish in the pool
workshop rearranged     Top deck on guard house. Greenhouse table