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Using 3 mods only, this is a basic layout of the old farm, with plenty of room for more if you so wish.

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You need only 3 mods – and their requirements- for this blueprint.

The Abernathys have been living in/on/around that power pylon for generations. I guess by now they would have patched the holes. My best interpretation for that old homestead. While trying to stay somewhat true to its original spirit.

How to:
Scrap everything – and I DO mean everything- in and around the pylon. Walls, junk items, furniture, string lights (it can be done) floors – the lot.
Scrap the vines if you like. They WILL clip through if you don’t. But I’ll leave that up to your taste.
Scrap the chemistry station and the cooking station.
In Clarabell’s – the Brahmin- pen, scrap the 2 middle sections of fence at the end furthest away from the house. You can also do that later.
You may – or may not- want to scrap the vacant farm plot facing the river to the southeast. There just might be a little clipping.

Load the blueprint. Look at the picture to see what should – and should not- be checked on import.

The workbench will move back to its original position. That’s just how TS –and the game mechanics- work. You can move it outside – or anywhere else- using Place Everywhere or console commands.

I put in a small generator. But you’ll have to hook it up yourself. The lamps are all unpowered. I’ve had a bad experience transferring an already powered settlement.