Fallout 4

About this mod

A swanky new ship player home to call your own.

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Have you ever looked at the FMS Northern Star (the giant ass boat sitting beside Warwick Homestead) and thought to yourself "Why can't I set up a settlement here? It has a nice view, great resale value, and lots of space for my jet addicted slave labor force of peasant farmers.".............or maybe that was just me. Either way I figured it was time to do something about that and add a settlement home fit for a wasteland king or queen.

The Deez is loosely inspired from the oil tanker from Waterworld of the same name and Gutgash's ship from Mad Max. I added detail to the interior, but kept a lot of it fairly minimalist in parts so it won't drag your fps down (hopefully).

While it's not required I highly recommend using Place Everywhere with this mod. Otherwise you won't be able to add a bunch of goofy shit to the ship :D

Check requirements tab for links and possibly cookies ..........mmmm delicious cookies