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Jamacia plain settlement transfer.

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Friends, neighbors, and honored guests,

We are gathered here today to commemorate the Treasure of Jamaica Plain. Though ours may be a small community, it is rich in history. Rich in culture. Rich in memory. And for the sake of those memories, we commit these treasures to the earth, that future generations might look back and remember where we stood, and see how far they have come.
~Former Mayor Alyssa Park

To you, two hundred years in the future, these relics may seem quaint. But we hope that they will remind you of our place in history, and your own. As we laid the foundation for the world in which you live, so you too will lay a foundation for future generations. May that future be bright. On behalf of all of us in 2077, we wish you well. This is MayorAlyssa Park, speaking for the town of Jamaica Plain.

I heard it. It's bad outside now, real bad. Kinda puts everything in perspective, don't it?

There won't be a ceremony tonight. Mayor's probably already dead. I'm going to close up the Treasures, then try to get out of here. Still the damndest thing I've ever seen, but... maybe it'll mean something to someone, someday.
~Former Citizen of Jamaica Plain.

Just because bombs fell and the past is buried dosnt mean that a town cannot survive. A Small town at that and with a bit of Red Neck elbow grease Jamaica Plain is back to life.   The town uses the best scrap to fix er' up as well as give it back some of its Beauty but folks don't need unnecessary fixes to a great town.