About this mod

Because who wouldn't want to live out the post apocalypse in a dirty old refinery

Permissions and credits
I've looked at this settlement hundreds of times wondering what the hell to make there, but never bothering to do so. I would always go to Sanctuary and build something there instead. This time I decided to change things up and make the Red Rocket my player's primary home. A place to unwind, take some jet, and snipe some mutants. All while basking in a somewhat vaguely lore friendly atmosphere of a greasy run down refinery.

Now for the important stuff.

Before you install

This blueprint takes up slot #3 in Transfer Settlements. Make sure you back up any blueprints in that slop before adding this.  

Make sure you have Transfer Settlements, HUD Framework, and F4SE installed before you install this mod. While it's not required I highly recommend Place Everywhere if you want to make any changes and add your own stuff.  All other required mods are listed under requirements. You'll also need SKE (Settlement Keyword Expanded). This is because i'm using the Craftable Greebles mod that requires SKE to show up in the building menu.