Skyrim Special Edition

About this mod

Lux Orbis is a complete rework of exterior artificial lighting, many patches and improvements for a lot of modded content are included into the FOMOD, everything is automatically detected upon install and fully compatible with all weather mods. Using Lux is highly advised since both mods are complementary.

Permissions and credits
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IMPORTANT: For now my mods, including Lux and Orbis, will rely on resources I'm using in Lux Via, so if you're not a Lux Via user, you have to download the resource pack in the main section of Lux Via mod page. If not you'll get the Lux - resources.esp missing master warning or even will crash.

Lux Orbis is a complete lighting overhaul of Skyrim exteriors such as Tamriel and Solstheim. It has been designed to be fully compatible with Lux, my lighting overhaul project for interiors. Both mods are reworking the whole game lighting and even more since both mods include tons of patches for many modded content. All patches are not only about compatibility but also about improving a lot every mod I work on. Orbis is only editing artificial lighting so all weather mods are compatible and using one is actually highly recommended.  :)

Lux Orbis has been designed to be compatible with ENB features and thus is using lower fade values than vanilla game, which means that any non-ENB user should run the ENB light patcher to increase my own lighting intensity or use a fully compatible ENB. Any ENB can be tweaked easily though, just check the Compatibility section to see all details.

If you like my mods and want to support me, feel free to visit my Patreon. Even if you're not donating you can still download my next project beta for free and try it out before it's even released. Supporting existing mods and working on new ones as well is really time consuming so any kind of support is highly appreciated.


Lux Orbis is replacing all vanilla lighting with Lux's templates. Radius, fade value and placement have been carefully set by hand.
Lots of missing vanilla lights have been added and some others have been fixed. Most civil war content has been reworked.
I've tried to get as little leaking or shadow artefacts as possible and also fixed a lot of Embers placements.
Shadow casting lights have been added especially where they were the most useful, most campfires are now casting shadows too.
Light sources and window emittance have more consistent day/night cycle now and most artificial light sources shouldn't create overbright lighting at day and thus won't mess much with bloom or exposure mechanics.
Guards levelled list has been edited so that they stop using torches all around, pretty much destroying all meshes nearby.
Colder areas or specific cities have distinct templates, cold regions may have more reddish fire colour for example.
A lot of meshes have been improved to allow more lighting especially in big cities (credits to InstantKor, the meshkiller)

Just run the FOMOD, it'll detect patches automatically. My main plugin has been compressed and doesn't contain too many entries so far, so feel free to add the ESL tag if needed.

Orbis meshes are already included into the awesome Cuyima's Better Windhelm Ground Meshes so you can let that mod's meshes overwrite mine. Think about using them and endorse the mod as well, Windhelm meshes need some much love.

Lux Orbis is mostly editing vanilla lights and adding some that were missing. Main plugin is not adding new lightsources because many mods are already doing that, especially city overhauls. Thus Orbis main plugin should be compatible with many mods out of the box. City overhauls would need a patch to share Orbis templates and lighting methods though and mods that are adding shadow casting bulbs would also need to be patched, to prevent conflicts and thus flickering.

Non-ENB users: Feel free to run Spongeman's light script to increase all light fade values at once. One can also tune radius but I would be cautious with any radius increase to not break some meshes.

ENB users: Most ENBs are tuned for vanilla fade values, as far as I'm concerned I've decided to use fully ENB compatible values with as little discrepancy as possible. If you want to tune down the ENB you're using yourself, look for the POINTLIGHTING values in the ENVIRONMENT section. Set the intensity and curve at 1.0 and desaturation at 0.0 to begin with. You can still adjust this value depending on your taste or ENB visuals. This values are compatible with Lux too but you'll need to change the interiors entries then.

Bethesda, obviously.
Boris Vorontsov for his mandatory ENBseries.
InstantKor, AgentW and Ra2phoenix for their incredible help, humour and good spirits !
MniKjom for the Azura temple overhaul among other great mods.
Elianora for her incredible player houses.
Archinatic for the Great Cities, Towns and Villages series.
JPSteel2 for the Cities of the North series
Hrodeberht1 for his new brazier high poly mesh.
SaevaVeritas for his highly improved brazier mesh.
Winedave for his Witcher brazier assets.
Qwafee for the awesome lantern and brazier models.
Mathy79 for his legion of awesome lantern models.
SomethingObscure for the Obscure College of Winterhold.
GrantyBoy050 for the Immersive College of Winterhold.
themayor897 for the Ultimate College of Winterhold.
jkrojmal for JK's Skyrim and Riverfall Cottage.
wSkeever for Whiterun terrain mesh improvements
Jezius for Detailed Exteriors.