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Overhaul for the most beautiful city and its docks.

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RedBag's Solitude
Overhaul for the most beautiful city and its docks.
Oldrim version available

Long before Skyrim was released, i used to look at maps of Tamriel and wonder what could this northern-most city look like. I imagined a truly special city. But after discovering it, i was left with mixed feelings. The position on the cliff is epic, but i can't really feel it when i am inside the city. Entire city is basically one long street. There are disproportionately big empty spaces in its center. And the docks are almst non-existent.

This mod adresses those issues, and makes Solitude a truly special place i imagined it would be - a city on an arch, and you will feel it!

  • 20 new houses (11 in the city, 9 in the docks)
  • 59 new citizens
  • Revamped tunnel entrance
  • 1 new entrance
  • Overhauled walls
  • Exterior audio spaces
  • Parallax ready
  • Compatible with Open Cities Skyrim

This mod is most probably incompatible with anything that changes Solitude or its surrounding cells. Expand the spoiler below for the list of compatible mods:

For Special Edition, this mod runs well.
  1. Install with a mod manager, FOMOD installer.
  2. If you decide to keep the mod, run SSELODGen to see the changes from afar.
Special thanks to Arthmoor for creating Open Cities Skyrim and permitting me make a patch for the two mods. His mod was inspiration for mine.

No less repect and thanks goes to Angilla for making a great modders resource, Elder Statue - Level Asset. I used altered version of it in my mod.

Most thanks goes to Czasior, for creating many patches and helping out with bugfixing!

Thanks to everyone else who contributed:
Ga-Knomboe Boy (a mesh from The City Mod)
Di0nysys (a mesh)
my main man Robi (beta testing)

I hope you enjoy the mod, any feedback is appreciated!