Dawn of Skyrim (Director's Cut) for SSE by Shiverwitch and Lykann
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**This is the SSE Conversion by the amazing Lykann.**
**Non-SSE version can be found here.**

What is Dawn of Skyrim?  Dawn of Skyrim is a series of overhauls of the five major cities, beginning with Whiterun in June 2013. It aims to give a more realistic feel to the cities by paying specific attention to lore and practicality. It accomplishes this by adding new clutter, NPCs, and now in this re-imagined edition, new items and buildings. Dawn of Skyrim makes use of a variety of resources, ranging from official DLC to modder's content brand new to the game. Everything is incorporated in a natural way that aims to still provide a reasonable performance. Dawn of Skyrim is how the cities should have been from the beginning.
*For detailed descriptions of each city, please visit their respective mod pages (linked further down)*