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Adds an underground bathhouse to Riften on the lower canal level. Auto-undress is a feature so marking this as NSFW, but doesn't contain anything adult-oriented besides nudity. The player and the NPCs strip while in the bathing area, but the nudes default to whatever texture/body replacers you have installed.

Permissions and credits
The Riften Bathhouse includes a sunken pool area for soaking, relaxing, and reading books, an artificial waterfall, a showering alcove, a cooking pot, a shrine of Talos for your de-diseasing and shout-buffing needs, a new apothecary-type vendor who sells a few unique items, seven new NPCs (three of whom are skill-trainers) and a storage room that you can break in to and steal things from!

Both the pool and the shower will give you unique buffs with each use.

Yes, Northern Bathhouses does add a bath to Riften in the basement of The Bee and Barb but it's only a steam room with no water. I made this after I saw that there was a new bathhouse for Whiterun, and felt bad that Riften didn't have something similar.

You may occasionally see the bathhouse NPCs wandering around Riften or perusing the central market area.

The bath owner Pippin is a fan of horker meat and strong drink (and also potatoes and mushrooms). He sells some alchemical supplies but knows better than to try to compete with Elgrim. He's interested in Dwemer and Falmer lore. He's maybe not the best housekeeper on Nirn, though. The bathhouse is a popular hang-out spot for people who don't quite fit into the rest of Riften society, though rumors persist that Maven Black-Briar and Esbern have visited in the past.

Keep it Clean: I don't actually use bathing mods but I downloaded this just to test it with mine and it works in both the bath and shower (at least for me). If anyone has issues let me know.
Bathing in Skyrim: There's no official SSE port of this and I didn't feel like going through the complicated installation process, but I suspect if it works with KiC it will work with BiS.
JK's Skyrim: No compatibility issues noted.
Open Cities: Probably not compatible; a patch will be needed.

Oaristys for his resources packs.
InsanitySorrow for the scrubby brush.
Jokerine for the model boats, stools, and wooden chair.
Liam for the blank sign resource.
EvilEyedKyo for the static steel plate armor set.
Amilovescake, dourdendevire, Maxinuz, and wgstein for inspiration.
Rasikko, maxarturo, Hanaisse, anjenthedog, and Repzik for the help with CK and NifSkope.