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Player home outside Windhelm. Hearthfire compatible - room for 6 children

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Player home located west of Windhelm. The house is fully compatible with Hearthfires and you can adopt up to 6 children. To be able to adopt the children you must have installed Hearthfire multiple adoptions by TMPhoenix and use the spell "bless this home" to be able to move with your family.

To purchase the house, go to Candlehearth Hall in Windhelm and talk to Gulhild. If the dialogue is not appearing for you, you can also use the buttom at the side garden to purchase the house. If you want the kids room to be a followers room, look at the left side of the kids wardrobe and use the invisible activator on the pilar to change the room. 
Check the recommended mods if you want to get the mods used on the screenshots. 

If you like my mod, please feel free to endorse and vote for it :)

- Option to hire a bard (highly recommended to download Thay's Bards for Skyrim to hire vanila bards)
- Room for 6 children
- Invite followers if you change the kids bedroom to followeres (up to 3)
- Invite your spouse
- Trophy room for Elder Scrolls, Dragon Claws and armory
- Alchemy and Enhanting lab
- Main room
- Loft
- Kitchen
- Master bedroom

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