Skyrim Special Edition

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A new set of unique buildings for the capital of the northernmost Hold.

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Cities of the North is my project to create a custom tileset for each of the four minor cities : Dawnstar, Morthal, Falkreath and Winterhold. There are more than enough overhauls for these on the Nexus, but I've never felt like each of these cities was truly unique. The difference between these four and the five major ones is simple : unique architecture. Solitude, Whiterun, Riften, Windhelm and Markarth each have a strong visual identity and you immediately know whether you are in the Reach or the Rift just by looking at the buildings. I wanted to do the same for the hold capitals that were only made of farmhouses and thus had no real identity independently of which overhaul you used. This project aims to stay close to vanilla and be as compatible as possible. The idea is that you can use any of you favourite overhauls (or combination of), install this mod with the necessary patch, and give this unique architecture style to the version of the city you prefer. I hope this project brings you this little something that was missing in your cities. Enjoy !

Thank you ElderScrollsModding for the showcase !

by Arctic Scrolls, thanks !

A very unique showcase, courtesy of Heavy Burns !

* New unique model for every building in Winterhold*
* New interiors matching the buildings*
* Completely navmeshed*
* LOD has been completely generated for the area*
*The Jarl's longhouse music has been changed to match the major cities' ones*

It is recommended to install this mod on a new save, otherwise some objects may not be placed correctly in the interiors. If
you have not entered Winterhold's houses in your playthrough yet, you can install it on your current save.

I recommend using DynDOLOD if you intend to combine this mod with a Winterhold overhaul. I have included the low-poly models in the BSA archive so DynDOLOD can use them when generating LOD for your load order.

The following patches are provided :
Alternate Start - Live Another Life (ESL)
JK's Skyrim (ESL) + New models
Medieval Lanterns of Skyrim (ESL)
JK's Skyrim + Medieval Lanterns of Skyrim (ESL)
Skyrim 3D Signs (ESL)
Missives (ESL)
Enhanced Landscapes (ESL)
DK's Realistic Nord Ships SSE (ESL)

Patches uploaded by other users :

COTN Winterhold Patch Collection --> CLICK HERE

Concerning patches :
I generally only patch the mods I personally use. However, I have no issue with anyone making a patch for my mods and there is no need to ask for permission. Anyone can either send me the files of their personnal patch for me to upload it on this page or upload it themselves. Also feel free to make requests for patches in the comments, there are good chances I won't do it myself as it may be relatively time consuming, but someone passing there may be motivated to do one (especially if the mod is popular).

I've uploaded the loose files to be used as a modder's resource. Feel free to use it for anything you want as long as it's free, credits are not mandatory but always appreciated. You can also improve my models if you feel like it. Anyway, I'm looking forward to see what you will produce with these assets, cheers !