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Battle your way through Lakvan's Stronghold and claim it as your own. Fully voiced dungeon experience with references to TES Travels: Shadowkey.

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Here the slightest of things, a memento, a merchant's pack, align a hero's path toward destiny. Forces revealed now are needed later... if the new hero can survive a meeting with a master of shadow.

Lakvan's Stronghold is a dungeon & player home located near the border crossing between High Rock and Skyrim. It is occupied by a clan of powerful and bloodthirsty marauders, feared for their cruelty and gall -- for the stronghold is extremely defensible, and no band of lawmen have yet been able to threaten its denizens.

In terms of size, the dungeon is comparatively short. The place consists of just 5 cells: the grand hall (or throne room) with a walkway and kitchen; an underground with a cellar, barracks, and prison; the courtyard; the blacksmith's house; and the lord's chambers, with two noble bedrooms, a dining area, a personal kitchen, and the steward's quarters.

  • Challenging dungeon for mid-level characters (but can be attempted at any level);
  • Fully voiced (xVASynth) quest with multiple endings;
  • Scripted encounters that are approachable by any playstyle;
  • Free follower if you make the right choices;
  • Convenient blacksmith in the courtyard;
  • Parts based on real Central European castles as well as some fantasy concepts;
  • Highly kitbashed design while staying true to vanilla Skyrim principles;
  • All the usual amenities: all smithing furniture (including a smelter), ovens and cooking pots, alchemy and enchanting;
  • Lots of non-respawning storage.

Install as usual, I recommend Mod Organizer 2. Load patches after LakvansStronghold.esp.
Then generate DyndoLOD if you want distant LOD.

No vanilla records are edited, aside from obviously necessary additions to the Skyrim worldspace. Everything else is standalone, so it should be compatible with virtually everything as long as it a) doesn't change texture paths within vanilla meshes and b) doesn't add stuff to the overworld in the same location.

- Available patches:
Mandragorasprouts' Nocturnal Shrines
- Rescales and rotates the statues in Lakvan's Stronghold to fit without clipping.
Enhanced Landscapes
- Disables some mountain cliffs and moves some others added by EL that clip into the architecture.
- Fixes incorrect texture placement on certain vanilla meshes that Lux replaces, plus lighting changes.
Included in the Lux installation.
Realistic RS Children by Urbon
- Compatibility for the blacksmith's daughter. Thank you to Urbon for the patch.
RS Children by Kulharin
- Compatibility for the blacksmith's daughter, standard edition of RS children. Thank you to Kulharin for the patch.

Everyone is welcome to contribute or host compatibility patches, NPC visual overhauls, etc. Let me know, so I can link to them here.


Known (Non-)Issues:

What's Next:

I'm using a couple assets from COTN - Falkreath, COTN - Winterhold, The Great Town of Shor's Stone, Wet & Cold.

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