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The Mammoth Manor, finally in the wonderful world of Skyrim Special Edition. A family-friendly cozy manor with a beachfront sauna by the lake Ilinalta in Falkreath.

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All my three mods are now available for Skyrim Special Edition:
= [ Riverside Lodge, Mammoth Manor, Breezehome ] =

A family-friendly cozy manor with a beachfront sauna by the lake Ilinalta in Falkreath. Despite the smaller size, it features all the essentials an adventurer might need, like all the crafting tools, enough storage space, small bedrooms for the children and followers, a small stable and the auto item sorters that will make life there so much easier. If you like my Riverside Lodge, chances are that you might like this one too.

The previous owner of this manor, the famous adventurer Melchior the Mammoth-Slayer, has recently met his fate and the house is now up for grabs. Hope you're not afraid of spiders, though. The main building is a rather moderate sized, but roomy enough for the dragonborn and couple of his followers, spouse and the kids (two beds for them). There's a main bedroom and a second bedroom either for the children or the followers (you can change this option from the desk at the main bedroom) and a third optional small bedroom for two followers in the basement. There's everything you need for crafting and plenty of storage space. Automatic item sorter scripts makes storing ingredients and other items into containers easy as a child's play. They can also be turned on and off, if you do not want to use them. In the basement there's also an optional small armory with some mannequins. Outdoors there is a small stable for the horse and a sauna by the lake, as well as a few planters to grow food & ingredients.

At the western end of the lake in Falkreath, "next stop" from Half-Moon Mill.

Configurations for the house
The main menu for the house configuration is found on the desk in the main bedroom (upstairs).

Mods to use with Followers, Spouse & Children:
- Hearthfire multiple adoptions - Let's you set the Lodge as the home of your spouse and children. Also works great just for the spouse (assigns her/him to the main bed) even if you don't want to adopt any children. Note that it needs to have the children's room enabled before using the "Bless Home" spell.
- My Home Is Your Home - This works great for the followers (other than spouse), so that they can live in your house and you can assign them areas where you want them to sleep and work.
Multiple Floors Sandboxing - This is a highly recommended mod for any followers since it makes the followers move more freely around the interiors, not just sticking into a particular area you've left them.
- Insects Begone - You might want to try this if you're arachnophobic, to get rid of the initial nasty surprise before getting the house.

- No matter the way you install the mod, just make sure the .esp and .bsa files are in your skyrim/data folder and that the mod file is activated.
- Just make sure you're outside the cells affected and all your stuff that you want to keep are relocated from the house before you uninstall the mod. Either uninstall with NMM or delete the .esp file.

=== FAQ ==============================
- If you have any problems, first thing you might want to try is to move this mod as last in the load order (bottom of the list). And make sure you have the LATEST version of Skyrim installed. The scripts are mostly unique to this mod, not overwriting anything.
- The problems with racks is usually mutual to all racks in Skyrim. Some weapons have such a bad bounding/activator boxes that they work like shit with racks. I use the racks only for swords and staffs, which seem to work just fine.
- Most mods that has been built on the same spot, or is just located too close, can conflict. YMMV.

- Navmesh cleanup by Scythe42.
- Manilla Turtle for his "Automatic Item Storage" that I've modified for my own purposes.
- Blary for his OpenBooks Resource.
- M3rvin for his "Automatic Light Switch" script that is used to switch on/off the lights outside (including sauna lighting).
- Eldiabs for making the awesome "Modders Resource-Weapon Racks-Bookshelves-Plaques-Mannequins".
- Stroti for making such a lovely "outdoor toilet".