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The vicious vampire attack on the Vigil of Stendarr has left their Hall a smoking ruin. Take control of the destroyed Hall, clear the rubble, relight the forge and resurrect a new Hall from the ashes. Build fortified defences and recruit new Vigilants to man the ramparts and defend against vampire raids.

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The vicious vampire attack on the Vigil of Stendarr has left their Hall a smoking ruin.
Resurrect the Hall from the ashes and rebuild it over time to its former glory.
Clear the rubble, relight the forge and construct new towers stronger and taller than before.
Lay the foundations for a more secure fortified front entrance to repel attacks.

Gather building materials and mend the damaged roof, walls and windows.
Affix the door to your restored Hall to become an interior cell and new home.
Outfit the interior with a chapel, kitchen, crafting areas and barracks.
Excavate the cellar and build a vault to house confiscated Daedric artifacts.

News of the reconstructed Hall has traveled and new Vigilant recruits are eager to bolster the ranks.
The vampires will not take kindly to this affront and they will attack again.
Defend the perimeter with new recruits and fend off the growing vampire and werewolf attacks.

The Vigilants are rising. Stendarr is Rising.

Stendarr Rising is a "Hearthfire Lite" rebuild of the destroyed Hall of the Vigilants.
The materials needed are minimal in comparison but enough to feel rewarding for the player to build over time.
Activate the carpenter's workbench in the shed to start rebuilding. Each action takes a small amount of time to complete.
We encourage the player to visit the Hall prior to its destruction to see lite versions of the structures before they are destroyed.
In vanilla the Hall is destroyed when the player reaches level 10 and Dawnguard starts. Mods can delay the Dawnguard start.

- Recruits -
In total the player can recruit 8 Vigilants and they each have unique AI routines.
Vigilant recruits will guard the gates around the clock and patrol the perimeter.
There are two Expert trainers (Restoration and One Handed) and two followers.
Two armored Huskies and a Horse can also be purchased via the workbench.
The recruits and animals are set to "protected".

- Resources -
All construction, recruitment and purchases are via the carpenter's workbench.
By default Werewolves and Vampires cannot use the workbench (toggle off in MCM).
Additional iron, silver and clay deposits have been added in the area to help gather resources.
General merchants, i.e. The Riverwood Trader, sell glass and straw. Lumber can be purchased from sawmills.

- Night Raids -
Vampire and Werewolf attacks will begin once the door is repaired changing the Hall to an interior cell.
Attack frequency and strength is random and will occur between midnight and dawn.

- MCM Features -
Fully customize the creature attack strength and frequency or disable if preferred.
Allow players infected with vampirism or lycanthropy to use the carpenter's workbench.
Toggle on / off the interior and exterior carpenter's workbenches.
Summon the horse Mercy back to the Hall if it is lost.

- Troubleshooting -
I can't use the Carpenter's Workbench? By default Werewolves and Vampires can't rebuild the Hall, this can be toggled off in the MCM.
Where's the key to access the Hall? Craft the Hall and Vault key at the Forge.
Why do the Vigilant's say I'm trespassing? Crafting the Hall key adds the player to the Vigilant Faction. Acquiring the key via the console skips this step. Craft the key at the forge to join the faction.

- Compatibility -
There aren't many mods that conflict with the Hall of the Vigilants, since it is destroyed at level 10.
The following patches are contained in the Main File FOMOD download.

Better Dynamic Snow 2 - Patch adds the BDS 2.xx snow shader to new statics. Please note if using parallax-enabled textures, this patch may be necessary in order for the textures to be applied correctly.
Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul - Patches Vigilant Books levelled list.
Cutting Room Floor - Patch repositions the CRF vault chest in the destroyed Hall.
Enhanced Lights and FX - Patches lights added to the destroyed Hall. Note this is ELFX Interior mod.
Immersive Horses - Patches horse Mercy and allows crafting of the Stendarr Saddle.
Lanterns Of Skyrim II - Patches exterior lanterns.
Legacy of the Dragonborn - Patches Vigilant Books levelled list.
No Snow Under the Roof - Patch to add snow to the new buildings and renovated Hall.
Lawbringer - Integrates the Hall into the Lawbringer framework
Relationship Dialogue Overhaul and the Updated MCM version - prevents followers from commenting on the hall's destruction after its construction has started.

The following mods are fully compatible. No patch required.
Alternate Start Live Another Life - Vigilant start. Fully compatible.
Keeper Carcette Survives. Fully compatible
Royal Armory Tweaks and Fixes. Fully compatible.
Stendarr's Beacon Enhanced. Fully compatible.
VIGILANT SE. Fully compatible.

Vigilant Recruits use the default vigilant outfit so are fully compatible with Armor and Clothing Extension and Vigil Enforcer Armor Set.

A patch for Immersive Horses is available here.

Please note. Once the player rebuilds the destroyed Hall and adds the door the Hall will become an interior cell.
Dawnguard, Alternate Start and Cutting Room Floor all add chests to the destroyed Hall.
Royal Armory Tweaks and Fixes adds a unique weapon.
Any items left in chests or on the ground in the destroyed Hall will be inaccessible.
Toggling off collision with the console will give the player access to these items if they forget.

- Vigil of Stendarr Mod Assets -
DrMonops created the awesome blue Vigil of Stendarr banners that were missing in vanilla.
The banners have been released as a modders resource; Vigil of Stendarr Resources.
We would be delighted if mod authors used the banners for their own Vigil of Stendarr mods.
In addition DrMonops created five new Stendarr-themed books based on existing Elder Scrolls lore.

- Recommended Mods -
Timing is Everything or Better Start Timing for Dawnguard and Dragonborn or
Dawnguard - Hall of Vigilant Requirement to control when Dawnguard starts.
Vigil Armor Integration - the Optional Velgath version is compatible with ACE.

- Credits -
wrig675 (Bellyache)