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The Stumbling Sabrecat reopens. ESP-FE

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The inn reopens when Fort Dunstad is occupied by a garrison -- clients and decor match the current fort ownership.
Not that another inn was sorely needed, it's just for immersion.
No posh interiors or lustful wenches -- well, not too lustful -- but they do serve the best cheese.


Must be loaded after mods that edit the same cell.

I'm aware of "Medieval Lanterns of Skyrim", "Relighting Skyrim", and "Remove Interior Fog".


"Rigmor of Bruma" -- the restored inn is accessible only after having completed the "Enemy of my Enemy" quest.
I also took the liberty of adjusting a conversation scene which is supposed to run after the fight inside the inn -- it looked like that sometimes it might have been skipped.
The patch in the installer is for the new "Reboot" version but in the miscellaneous files I uploaded the old patch for the "Legacy" version, just in case.

"Enhanced Lights and FX"

"Sounds of Skyrim Complete SE"