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Return to the Shivering Isles in a fully-voiced overhaul of Skyrim's Saints and Seducers Creation.

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Skyrim: Extended Cut - Saints and Seducers
 is an overhaul and expansion of the Saints & Seducers official Creation. A handful of elements from the original quest have been preserved and expanded into a new, fully-voiced quest. The mod will take players back to the Shivering Isles, first seen in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, for a polished, high-quality adventure through a new region of the Realm of Madness. Will you save the Shivering Isles from the threat of the Exile revolt? What secrets will you uncover within the mysterious Asylum? Meet a fresh cast of characters, explore a handcrafted new worldspace, and immerse yourself in true madness as you delve into this official Extended Cut prerelease production.

This mod entirely replaces the preexisting quests from the Saints and Seducers Creation.

A New Adventure
Saints & Seducers' stock quests have been removed and replaced with a brand-new Daedric quest that continues the Sheogorath storyline following the conclusion of The Mind of Madness. Our quest is professionally voice acted by a talented cast of actors. In addition to the main Daedric quest, the mod also offers two side quests to complete. In total, players can expect to spend one to three hours to complete this mod, depending on how much exploration and side content is pursued. Once you've completed the storyline, you can return to the Madgod's realm at any time.

Explore the Shivering Isles
Travel to the Asylum, a new region of the Shivering Isles on the fringe of the Fringe. Handcrafted as a homage to the Oblivion Shivering Isles DLC, your adventures in the Asylum will take you through the regions of both sunny Mania and grim Dementia, each with brand-new weather, flora, and fauna. Delve through three new dungeons, browse the wares of two new shops, and search for secrets, treasures, and points of interest in this new explorable zone. Boasting high-quality environment art designed to bridge the gap between Oblivion and Skyrim, the Asylum offers both a trip down memory lane for fans of the Shivering Isles DLC and a brand-new world that will appeal to any Elder Scrolls fan, new or old.

Seamless Integration
In Skyrim Extended Cut - Saints and Seducers, the assets and content from the Saints & Seducers creation, and many from Rare Curios, have been carefully integrated into the game. From item sets like the Amber, Madness, Golden, and Dark gear to specific artifacts like Nerveshatter--even including optional FOMOD integration patches that will seamlessly integrate pieces of official Creation Club Content, like ShadowrendRuin's Edge, and the Staff of Sheogorath--everything is covered. There are even a few new relics and items to find! We also support additional third-party mod integration, including Merlin the Corgi, and plan to expand to support more popular followers and mods in the future to enhance your experience in the Isles. With Extended Cut, Saints & Seducers is the DLC adventure that we've always believed it could be.

Patchless Compatibility
Extended Cut - Saints and Seducers offers plug-and-play patchless compatibility with a broad range of third-party mods to improve your adventuring experience. Use ECSS with CoMAP to enable a set of special Shivering Isles map markers, with Unique Map Weather Framework to display Shivering weathers on the Shivering Isles world map, with Open Animation Replacer to enable custom creature sounds for the monsters of the Isles, and with C.O.I.N. to seamlessly integrate the Isles' Gibber coins into your game's economy. All these mods and more have built-in compatibility that will make your Saints and Seducers experience as enjoyable as possible.

You must start a new game in order to safely use this mod. Using this mod on any preexisting save where Saints & Seducers is already installed, even if you have never interacted with any of its content, will cause the mod to break and nullify your support. This limitation is a result of the way that Skyrim handles plugin data and persistent records.

To begin the mod questline, you must meet the following parameters:
  • You must be at least character level 20.
  • You must have completed the vanilla Daedric quest The Mind of Madness.

Once you've met these parameters, sleeping for 6 ingame hours or coming back later and reentering Solitude will begin a series of events setting you on the path to the Asylum.

We would like to thank Heavy Burns and Shirley Curry for helping create the trailer for this mod. We would also like to thank the many mod authors listed in the credits who have contributed their resources, talents, and time to helping us put this project together. The collaborative spirit of the Skyrim community has helped us create this project that showcases the very best of what Skyrim modders have to offer. Finally, the Extended Cut project lead would like to express special appreciation to Tate Taylor, our Shivering Isles expert, who knows more about The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion than any sane man should ever know. Discord Twitter