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A stylistic overhaul for the ruined capitol of Winterhold.

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ClefJ's Winterhold
~A Skyrim SE Addition~

The former glorious capitol of Skyrim, seat of High Kings
Swallowed by the sea
But what is dead may never die

I've taken a fancy to Winterhold lately, especially since the lovely JPSteel's new assets dropped!
With his permission and that of others, I give you a uniquely ClefJ lore-friendly experience of the once great Hold.
Using the basis of TES Arena, where the College was the heart of the city, I've designed this mod as if a small corner was repurposed after the Great Collapse.

The new town comes with: 
- New building assets from various mod authors.
- The Jarl's Longhouse is now Coldstone Krepost; a proper fort for an ambitious Jarl.
- Clothing for NPC's have changed; no farmclothes for the Jarl's wife! 
- Additions and changes to the original farmhouses and stores of the area; while 'poorer' than they were, there's no reason for squalor.
- The Frostfruit Inn is redesigned as a repurposed Temple from before the Collapse.
- A new Blacksmith, who also happens to sell a few crossbow supplies.
- A new Clothier/Jeweler to supply the college and travelers with proper attire.
- New Nord NPCs and a currently inaccessible house to reflect a somewhat bigger population.
- Guardhouses, stables, gates, oh my! 
- Some slight details, like new window textures and banners, made by yours truly.
- An entirely new town center and graveyard; the town feels both alive and dead.
- A free underground Player Home; recently abandoned, no quest nor key necessary.
- Navmeshes were edited for the territory, with more 'preferred' zones added on existing triangles.
- Plugin CLEANED to the best of my abilities. Should be no issues.
Oh, small point, there are a couple 'locked doors'. They don't go anywhere, don't worry.

- This mod is certainly Not Compatible with major town modifications.
- May work with Qaxe's Questorum and will work with Interesting NPCs; The original destroyed farmhouses were not touched.
- Any mod affecting the College of Winterhold should work perfectly.
- Some mods that add parallax or otherwise change the UV mapping on meshes have a patch provided
(WiZKiD Parallax Farmhouses, Soul Cairn HD, Pfuscher 2020, ELFX windows)

Note that many objects may not move positions correctly if you install this midgame,
such as the rentable bed in the Frozen Hearth and other 'persistent' objects.
Please only log a bug if you find an issue with this mod after starting a new game with it active.

-- Permissions for the patches to be ported for Xbox on --

- All DLC's. No other dependencies other than the mod pack.
I've included relevant meshes in a ClefJ folder, so as not to double-up on all the other dependent files.
Meshes involved are mentioned in the Permissions tab.
(ra2phoenix): I've added the Unofficial Patch as a requirement since it's basically a given these days and allows forwarding of some values without need for a patch nearly everyone would be using.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you enjoy!