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A stylistic overhaul for the ruined capitol of Winterhold.

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ClefJ's Winterhold
~A Skyrim SE Addition~

The former glorious capitol of Skyrim, seat of High Kings
Swallowed by the sea
But what is dead may never die

I've taken a fancy to Winterhold lately, especially since the lovely JPSteel's new assets dropped!
With his permission and that of others, I give you a uniquely ClefJ lore-friendly experience of the once great Hold.
Using the basis of TES Arena, where the College was the heart of the city, I've designed this mod as if a small corner was repurposed after the Great Collapse.

The new town comes with: 
- New building assets from various mod authors.
- The Jarl's Longhouse is now Coldstone Krepost; a proper fort for an ambitious Jarl.
- Clothing for NPC's have changed; no farmclothes for the Jarl's wife! 
- Additions and changes to the original farmhouses and stores of the area; while 'poorer' than they were, there's no reason for squalor.
- The Frostfruit Inn is redesigned as a repurposed Temple from before the Collapse.
- A new Blacksmith, who also happens to sell a few crossbow supplies.
- A new Clothier/Jeweler to supply the college and travelers with proper attire.
- New Nord NPCs and a currently inaccessible house to reflect a somewhat bigger population.
- Guardhouses, stables, gates, oh my! 
- Some slight details, like new window textures and banners, made by yours truly.
- An entirely new town center and graveyard; the town feels both alive and dead.
- A free underground Player Home; recently abandoned, no quest nor key necessary.
- Navmeshes were edited for the territory, with more 'preferred' zones added on existing triangles.
- Plugin CLEANED to the best of my abilities. Should be no issues.
Oh, small point, there are a couple 'locked doors'. They don't go anywhere, don't worry.

- This mod is certainly Not Compatible with major town modifications.
- May work with Qaxe's Questorum and will work with Interesting NPCs; The original destroyed farmhouses were not touched.
- Any mod affecting the College of Winterhold should work perfectly.
- Some mods that add parallax or otherwise change the UV mapping on meshes have a patch provided
(WiZKiD Parallax Farmhouses, Soul Cairn HD, Pfuscher 2020, ELFX windows)

-- Permissions for the patches to be ported for Xbox on --

- All DLC's. No other dependencies other than the mod pack.
I've included relevant meshes in a ClefJ folder, so as not to double-up on all the other dependent files.
Meshes involved are mentioned in the Permissions tab.
(ra2phoenix): I've added the Unofficial Patch as a requirement since it's basically a given these days and allows forwarding of some values without need for a patch nearly everyone would be using.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you enjoy!