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An ESL flagged ESP that reverts 2 of the Legacy of the Dragonborn/Lux Orbis LotD Patch Lanterns that exist in the Tamriel worldspace part of the Guildhouse back to Vanilla Static Meshes instead of keeping them as Movable Static Meshes, so there are no more "Stalking Lanterns."

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Have you been haunted by 2 lanterns that stalk you no matter where you go, persisting through fast travel and following you across each new cell, even interiors? Well hopefully this should fix it for you.

You should only need this if you are running Legacy of the Dragonborn, Lux Orbis, and the Lux Orbis LotD Patch.



Simply install using your favorite Mod Manager (MO2, Vortex) or drop the .esp into your data folder.
This patch is an ESL flagged ESP so it shouldn't take a slot from your Plugin count.
If for some reason it has a conflict or doesn't auto sort itself out via LOOT, this should load after Legacy of the Dragonborn, Lux Orbis, and the Lux Orbis LotD Patch.
Safe to add midsave

You can even test it by fast traveling to an area where you can see the lanterns or they are under you. Make a hard save, install and enable this plugin, load back into that save. Are they there? No? Great! Try fast traveling or making your way to the Museum, if you check around the Guildhouse (in the back porch area) you should notice that the lantern that normally hangs next to the banner is back to being a static vanilla mesh, along with the one in the corner to the right of it.


I know I'm writing a lot for what is incredibly simple, but I want to be thorough.

In specific, when running Legacy of the Dragonborn with Lux Orbis and the Lux Orbis LotD Patch, after having fully built the LotD Guildhouse, you might find yourself with 2 lanterns that follow you around, either floating above ground or stuck in it wherever you go. This could lead to followers or NPCs getting stuck, getting your own character stuck, as well as weird artificial lighting scenarios. They might also spook you.

The 2 lanterns in question are ones that exist in the Tamriel worldspace- if you go to the Guildhouse and go around to the porch area, there's 2 physics enabled lanterns on the right side- one on the post with the banner, and the other is on that corner that transitions you from in front of the Museum Exterior/Guildhouse. These are the terrible stalking lanterns, and while you're back there they're all fine. But if you go somewhere else, they follow. All this patch does is revert the both of them to static vanilla lanterns. They should still give off light, but they no longer utilize the Moveable Static Mesh from Lux Orbis. This patch shouldn't change any other lanterns, not even the other ones in that occupy the same space with the Guildhouse or the Museum.

What I think is happening to cause this bug is something to do with the Havok physics, possibly an interaction with another mod or patch. Which mod or patch, or what exactly is the interaction with Havok- I'm not sure. I'm still planning on looking into this myself, but I'm not versed with Creation Engine or even SSEEdit and I got some help from someone else to create this "patch" in the first place. I'm including a screenshot of the changes in SSEEdit to show what I mean. For now, a simple fix that shouldn't burden the authors of Legacy of the Dragonborn or Lux Orbis.



ChaosAlpha - Did a lot of the actual work before I even found anything myself and helped me get this together.
icecreamassassin - Author of Legacy of the Dragonborn
GGUnit - Author of Lux Orbis and LotD Patch