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Complete rework of Riften's Thieves Guild Cistern, new architecture, new rooms, new NPCs, dynamic clutters and lots of secrets. This mod doesn't modify Ragged Flagon, so it is compatible with all mods which edit thieves guild tavern

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Don't forget to visit and leave an endorsement on Czasior's own patch hub page if you're looking for patches. This is the place to go if you're looking for some !

Riften's Thieves Guild HQ Cistern cell always felt quite empty so I reworked the whole cell so that this location feels more like a base of operation more than uninhabited sewers. I tried to keep it as consistent as possible without relying on clutters only while making the whole mod as dynamic as possible since the Thieves Guild is supposed to be constantly rebuilt thanks to player progression.

- This mod doesn't modify Ragged Flagon, so it is compatible with all mods which edit thieves guild tavern
- Original Cistern cell has been totally reworked, including all lighting and visual FX.
- Almost everything is now dynamic and the guild will be actually entirely rebuilt with TG quest progression. Work hard to get the best TG then !
- Crypt entrance has been reworked to look like an actual crypt, it's also correcting vanilla wrong orientation.
- Main Cistern now looks like inhabited sewers, kitchen and archery training areas have their own locations, actual thieves quarters are now using DIY structures and are including a small relaxing space to chill out.
- Ragged Flagon entrance is now a warehouse area where stolen goods are being managed.
- Nocturna final quest stage rewards now has its own dedicated room.
- Treasure room has been totally reworked, all treasures are now dynamic just like in Opulent Thieves Guild.
- Mercer now has his own office, Brynjolf also has his own room.
- Sewers have been extended and the Thieves Guild HQ now has its own alchemy lab instead of a poor random alchemy table. Includes some mushroom crops.
- The training area has been reworked too, it's now high enough to get some sunlighting, the lockpicking area has been greatly improved. The room even has a real training zone now, expect traps and deadly stuff, secret passages and hidden rewards !
- 3 new NPCs have been added. Smell-Fish is a female Khajiit, speechcraft trainer and potential follower/wife. Smells-like-Guar is a strong male argonian, misc fence trader who's managing the new warehouse area. Plants-Dream is a skinny female argonian who's managing the new Alchemy lab and she's an apothecary vendor. Full credits to Mharlek1 for the incredible work with this NPC appearence, he's a magician !
- Expect new secret stuff and new TG access - I won't spoil anything.

This mod is a standalone. The only dependency is a soft one, I'm relying on some Riften's lanterns from my other mod Lux Via. You don't need to actually use this mod but if you don't you'll have to download the Resource pack - Riften's lanterns only so that all lanterns I'm using in this mod actually work.
Since I'm obsessed with lighting I reworked the whole lighting from scratch thus I'm adding a few lighting patches to be sure people using vanilla lighting or Lux's aren't confused. Lux patch is deactivating most Lux lights since they're not needed and I'm pretty using the same methods. Other patches are replacing templates with vanilla's or brighter and/or increasing all light bulb intensity. 

Download, install. Easy peasy. No FOMOD this time I'll let Czasior handle the compatibility part !

Not compatible out of the box with many mods editing the Thieves Guild HQ cell, but expect a lot of patches from Czasior's hub. I'm pretty sure that everything will be compatible really soon. ^ ^

Bethesda, obviously
Czasior for the incredible support and help during the whole making of this mod.
Mharlek1 for the incredible work with all additional NPCs, I definitely couldn't have done better. I love them !
WeldingMan as usual for the testing, again and again. Eternal Kudos to him, and thanks for making my bug report list never empty !
Sokkvabekk & Erstam for the stage script from Opulent Thieves Guild, this one is so damn handy !
EEK's resource repository
BLARY Resource packs
Mathy's resource repository crates
Oaristys damn useful resources
CDRP for the excellent The Witcher series
Elianora really handy resources
Queen Academe resources
ElSopa really nice HD Keys Redone
Tamira Assorted Resources 
BrettM FPI Experiment Pack 1