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Brawl against some of Skyrim's fiercest fighters and become Skyrim's finest brawler. Complete quests for Riften, Windhelm, and Morthal.

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Fists of Fury - Skyrim

Inspired by the Witcher 3 quest of the same name, go and brawl some of Skyrim's toughest opponents in a brawling tournament being held. 

Currently Features
  • 3 Brawling quests. One in Windhelm, Riften, and Morthal
  • A small arena down in the Ratway with spectators and fighters.
  • A brawling camp that will have Windhelm's tournament once the quest starts.
  • Fight the three other contenders and defeat each hold's champion.
  • Ability to spar with the other brawlers during certain times after the quest is completed.
  • Can spar with Gian between 5pm and 7pm
  • Ratway Arena can be used as an inn
  • NPCs have post quest packages to make them feel alive post quest, including the fighters training and sparing with each other.
  • Makes tweaks to the brawling package to make it slightly more bearable.
How To Start
In order to start the quest, you need to win a number vanilla brawls, after a day you will get sent a letter.
By default the number of wins require is three, but you can change this by typing in the console "set FOFBrawlWinsRequired to X"
X being any number above 1 (If you put a number below 1, it will just be treated as 1)

  • Hand to Hand: Adds some perks from Hand to Hand - An Adamant Addon to each fighter using a SPID file. Requires SPID obviously. This will make the fights A LOT tougher so make sure to prepare more.

  • Fearsome Fists: Adds gauntlets from it to a small number of NPC's. Not everyone has one, only a few.
  • AE Integration: Includes everything from the Fearsome Fists patch plus includes some other armors from Creation Club content.

Redguard Elite Armaments Tweak: All this does is make Azadi not spawn until after you've defeated a Champion. I only made this for my sanity.

Future Plans
  • Other holds: I plan to do at least two or three other holds. I'm not sure if I will do all 9 holds. I have ideas for one or two holds currently. Nothing being worked on currently though.

  • Only incompatibilities would be anything that changes the same area in the Ratway Vaults, the area east of Windhelm by the border, and anything that edits Maul's initial Riften Dialogue.
  • As for the Windhelm Camp, I made sure it works with Daedric Shrines AIO/Azura without a patch, and have provided a patches for Northern Roads and Teldryn Serious.

Modern Brawl Bug Fix or any mod that has it included like Simon's Blade and Blunt.
If using Fearsome Fists, I recommend either MichealDawn's or Jelidity's Fearsome Fists mods to give them innate unarmed damage increase.

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