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Makes Kynesgrove the grove it was always meant to be!

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The Great Village of Kynesgrove
You'll have to download The Great Cities - Resources

(Spoilers) Showcase of the voice acting.

Many thanks to Arctic Scrolls!

Kynesgrove is a small village south of Windhelm. The sacred trees here are dedicated to the goddess Kyne, the chief goddess of the Nordic pantheon. However, Nordic religion lies besieged by the influence of the Imperial Cult. Many of the Nordic holy grounds suffer from neglect. To the anger of the local Nords two Imperials even settled in Kynesgrove with the intent of starting a lumber mill near this sacred grove!

The Great Village of Kynesgrove replaces the basic farmhouses structures with new custom models. The grove has been expanded, has two pilgrim visitors and is guarded by Eskil, a member of the Keepers of the Grove. Farmland besieges the grove to the west. Here you can find a blacksmith and a new player home you can buy from a nearby NPC. 4 of the new NPCs feature voice acting!

For this mod to function optimally it's recommended you start a new game (just like with any other major city overhaul). Otherwise the bed in the inn won't show.

The custom structures in this mod use vanilla textures and are compatible with texture overhauls. I personally use Noble Skyrim 2k as can be seen in the screenshots.

This mod is not compatible with any mod that significantly alters the area around Kynesgrove or it's interiors.

Credits for the talented cast of voice actors:
Alexander Luthor - Eskil
Catherine Truitt - Female Pilgrim
Chandler Hollis - Male Pilgrim
Thea Solone - Gala

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