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Mod completely overhauls the architecture in the Skaal Village on Solstheim and adds a new player home for you to acquire!

Permissions and credits
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Whiterun architecture? IN MY MORROWIND THEMED ISLAND!??

Luckily Tesak1234 released a Morrowind Nord Houses asset pack and Iand I got to work making the town real unique,
with the help of my Twitch community :)

This mod overhauls the Solstheim island's Skaal Village. It replaces every house with a new exterior model and interior, except the Greathall. Every interior has been downsized into small, cozy huts. They still have most of the loot and furnishing that was originally there but they are very different.


- Skyrim SE up to date


I recommend using this on a new game, but it *might* work on an old save, too.

- The player home, Vintrhus, needs a key to get in, you can find it in a knapsack at Snowclad Ruins by the altar with dead animals (, see gallery for images.

- Inside the house there are TWO BUTTONS. You can have the house WITHOUT A BASEMENT, don't enable the trapdoor to the basement from the button if you don't need follower / children's beds.

- Works with HF Multiple Adoptions mod (2 children) ** First go in the house and enable the basement (button next to the kitchen table), then in the basement press the button next to the ladder to enable children's bed and dummy, then use Bless Home spell. Do not disable the kid beds after moving in your family.

Great care was taken with error fixing, esp cleaning, navmesh and lighting setup.


- Compatible with Skaal You Need (not sure why you would need two player homes in the village lol), load Skaal Village Overhaul last!!
- "Svellheim" "Skaal Manor" reported to be highly compatible
- NOT COMPATIBLE with JK's. I don't get why you'd want to install two town overhauls on top of each other, anyway ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Load this mod after any other mods that edit Solstheim and lighting! I recommend building DynDOLOD.


Tesak1234 for the Morrowind Nord Houses Pack
jet4571 for Jet's Resources furniture 
LeianneG for the button script

:: FAQ ::

Q: LE version?
A: No. 

Q: Patch for X?
A: I'm not going to make any since I don't use anything that conflicts with this place.
My permissions allow anyone to upload patches, however,
and I encourage the community to make patches they need.

Q: Translations?
A: See my Nexus profile for permission info


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