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Makes Dragon Bridge the fortress it always should have been

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The Great City of Dragon Bridge

A great deal of thanks to Hodilton for showcasing this mod

Dragon Bridge
Dragon Bridge is know for and named after it's landmark the Dragon Bridge. This ancient structure is the only place to cross the Karth River into the hold of Haafingar. This means Dragon Bridge is of invaluable strategic importance as it guards one of only two roads leading to Solitude. The ancients built many forts around Skyrim but for some reason seem to have forgotten Dragon Bridge.

The Great City of Dragon Bridge tries to fix this. Dragon Bridge is now a worthy fortress town guarding the road to Solitude. The goal is immersion, making Dragon Bridge more interesting and the strategic value the citizens seem to talk about all the time more apparent. It also adds a blacksmith.

This mod is not compatible with any mod that significantly alters the area surrounding Dragon Bridge. 

There is a patch available for Arthmoor's Dragon Bridge under optional files made by KorruptkSwades.

Interiors remain unchanged. 

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