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Makes Solitude the capital city it was meant to be!

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I consider this mod outdated.
There's some small bugs and I don't quite think the design was handled in the best way. I'd like to update this mod some day. 

The Great City of Solitude
Exterior Overhaul

Video By tomze

Solitude is the grand capital of Skyrim. The city watches over the marshlands of Hjaalmarch and the Karth River from it's pristine stone arch. Solitude is undeniably Skyrim's most cosmopolitan city and also houses it's largest port. It is Solitude where the empire directs its legions in Skyrim in the ongoing civil war. On top of the stone arch Solitude's nobility deal in petty politics, but it is down below where the money is earned. You may be thinking why? Solitude's stone arch provides a natural protection from the strong winds of the sea of ghosts and the Karth and Hjaal rivers provide connections to Skyrim's mainland. An ideal location for Skyrim's largest port and argueably Skyrim's best defensible city.

The Great City of Solitude transforms Solitude's port into something truely worthy of Skyrim's capital city. The port has been greatly expanded with new homes, shops and warehouses and now covers both sides of the Karth River. The stone arch has been reshaped into something more natural and imposing. New vendors, guards and other NPC's have also been added.

There are new interiors, but I'd like to redo them sometime in a future update because they are still largely copy-pastes.

This mod is incompatible with any mod that significantly alters the exterior area surrounding the Solitude Docks.

This mod should be placed low in your load order.

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