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Raven Rock overhaul, ESP only. Extremely Lore Friendly with interesting new features and details.

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ESP-only town overhaul - by Undriel

Legendary Edition - XB1 - PS4

Originally an Imperial settlement and a mining hub, Raven Rock is now home to Dunmer refugees.
These extravagant people take pride in tenacity and hard work, still standing in spite of what happened to their homeland.
This is my take on giving character to a bleak town that struggles with ash storms and erratic eruptions.

The links provided in description will take you to the relevant wiki pages, to explain how my design choices are based on existing lore.
If you don't want spoilers on Morrowind or Dragonborn DLC, just stick to this page.

New Interiors

  • Serali’s Scriptorium – At the edge of town lives Serali Verendas, librarian, magician and lighthouse keeper. She does her best to keep those cultists at bay, collects their masks, and stays busy by transcripting tomes and scrolls. Her shop is fit for anyone looking for knowledge and magical supplies.

  • Abandoned Fishery – Raven Rock used to be a proficient fishing village before the Red Year, but its waters are now polluted and unfit to run such business. The local anglers have simply left the place, but rumor has it that there's more than just dust and spoiled meat inside.

  • Snow Prince Sanctuary – This place was accidentally unearthed by archaeologist Veron Sadri, a competitor to Ralis Sedarys. Once a shrine to a fallen hero, it is now a safe haven for outcasts. The local fence, Varda, has ties to the Thieves Guild and is trying to steal more than just Glover's heart.

  • Lighthouse - When Master Neloth set foot on Solstheim, his intentions to preserve Dunmer culture spurred him to rekindle this beacon with ever-burning Daedric flames. It is said that those brave enough to tap into its core will receive a considerable boost to their magical powers.

General Additions

  • Fixes the Bulwark's exit for people riding on horseback! (version 1.2 - upgrade your previous file by overwriting it)
  • Windows! Both inside and outside the buildings, with light rays and night-day cycle. Abandoned buildings have dark windows
  • A massive, raven-shaped rock formation above the city
  • Craters of volcanic debris here and there, signs of what it means to live near an active volcano
  • Reinforced Bulwark gates
  • Shrines and coffins of the departed at the Temple; urns containing food now contain ash and bones
  • Magical merchant, fence merchant
  • A second northern wall
  • If harvested, salmon and barrels at the abandoned fishery give ash
  • New Market Stalls, some of them broken and abandoned
  • Bet-Kogo, mascotte of the local Cornerclub, probably orphaned by alcohol
  • Expanded farm, reorganized market wares and furniture, new well details
  • A little friendly crab, helping the farmers dig holes for ash yams
  • A crab's carapace on top of the local tavern (a reference to Skar, the emperor crab of Ald-ruhn)
  • More ashy winds and dead flora
  • No spiders - you might find cobwebs here and there, but they're just for show

Compatibility and Patches

Patch for Ghost of the Tribunal (CC):
Patch collection for Better Docks, Enhanced Lights and FX (ELFX), AI Overhaul SSE, Snazzy Furniture and Clutter Overhaul, Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch:

Patch for Ghost of the Tribunal:

Navmeshed and cleaned with xEdit.Nothing has been deleted: things have been added, moved and replaced.
  • Requires Dragonborn DLC, Dawnguard DLC, Update.esm
  • Contains The Raven of Raven Rock already, so don't use both
  • Compatible with all my other mods, provided you don't close the Bulwark gates - people shall not pass otherwise!
  • Compatible with Ashbound provided you get the patch
  • For compatibility reasons, Severin Manor remains untouched and it's the only building without windows
  • Compatible with Clockwork, make sure to download the patch I've provided - it's an ESL flagged esp, so it doesn't take up slots
  • Not compatible with Solstheim Lighthouse
  • Not compatible with other Raven Rock overhauls. Install this town overhaul, or another town overhaul - never both

You can follow my work here:


 WARNING: Hype Hazard

I've been modding since 2014. Learning Creation Kit by myself, by tenacity and iteration truly made me a better creator...
But I joined a team back in January, and little did I know they would blow my mind with their exceptional skills.
My creative side feels at home there and I've improved so much just by working on Lordbound.
It is a pleasure and a privilege to be part of such a talented crew, and you should check this unbelievably good piece of a mod we're making.