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...aka Czasior's Misc and Unfinished Patches Dumpster: a compilation of miscellaneous patches for various mods.

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A long long time ago in a galaxy not so far away...

Somewhere on the outskirts of the Nexus Land, another unknown psychopatchist emerged. Within several years of his unnecessary and overestimated work, he made dozens of various surprisingly not-so-bad patches (at least that way people lied to him when talking about them). While working on these huge trashpiles (alone or with other insignificant modders) of plugins for dedicated collections, he made other, sometimes very tiny creations. Wisemen still can't decide whether these are masterpieces or crap, but sometimes they find them useful to bring some order. Some of them are definitely unfinished, but even in that state can solve some poor people's problems. So, the psychopatchist finally decided to share his works with the wider public, so everyone may use them and at least tame the modding chaos a little bit. Rejoice!

The masterpieces (don't worry, more extensive details will come, but mostly it's clipping resolution):
+ 3DNPC - Art imports - adjusts paintings placement in Radiant Raiment
+ 3DNPC - CC Fishing - adjusts the placement of a few fishing/critters spawn markers near Windhelm Docks
+ 3DNPC - Immersive Citizens - moves a bunch of 3DNPC elements to prevent clipping with a bed added by ICAIO in New Gnisis Cornerclub
+ 3DNPC - Khajiit Will Follow - shifts one lean marker in Winking Skeever
+ BUVARP - NSUTR - changes Anska's house and a walkway to NSUTR version, adds snow cover
+ CFTO - CC Fishing - adjusts the position of an NPC and a few markers near Half Moon Mill
+ CFTO - DK's Realistic Nord Ships - conflict resolution on a few boats and sit markers
+ CFTO - Enhanced Landscapes - modifies placement of the waterlilies near Half Moon Mill
+ Cheesemod - Amulets of Skyrim - shifts one amulet in the Hall of Countenance
+ Cheesemod - BadGremlin's Collectables - adjusts positions of a few food records in Falkreath's Jarl's House
+ Cheesemod - ESO Imports - conflict resolution on one book in Riften's Temple of Mara
+ Cheesemod - Radiance: Locations - adjusts the position of two elements (in Ivarstead and Solitude Docks)
+ Cheesemod - Tamrielic Culture - resolves clipping conflicts in Bannered Mare, Dead Man's Drink and Sadri's Used Wares
+ Enhanced Landscapes - CC Ghosts of the Tribunal - adjusts landscape near Raven Rock
+ Enhanced Landscapes - Moon and Star - adjust one snowdrift near Azura's Shrine
+ ezPG - BadGremlin's Collectables - moves a book in Riverwood Trader
+ Happy Little Trees - AI Overhaul - adjusts the placement of a stump near Half Moon Mill
+ Happy Little Trees - Sky Haven Temple Garden - changes back flying moss to a hanging moss
+ Jedi Trees - Dawn of Skyrim - adjusts a few trees in Riften so they stop growing into a buildings
+ M'rissi - ESO Imports - changes two meads to ESO versions in the Hall of Countenance
+ Midden Expanded - Skyrims Unique Treasures - modifies placement of a bottle in the Frozen Hearth Inn
+ Midden Expanded - Thieves Guild Requirements - shifts marker in the Frozen Hearth Inn
Nature of the Wildlands - CC Bittercup - changes the size and position of one tree near Falkreath's Watchtower
+ Nature of the Wildlands - CC Ghosts of the Tribunal - adjusts landscape near Raven Rock
+ Nature of the Wildlands - CC Tundra Homestead - moves the trees clipping into house
+ New Weynon - Lanterns of Skyrim II - slightly moves one lantern
+ New Weynon - Lux Via - adjusts the position of Via addons, alternative to official Lux Via - New Weynon patch by AgentW (use one or another)
+ New Weynon - Trees Addon - moves one tree clipping with rocks and a house
+ Obscure's College of Winterhold - AI Overhaul - adjusts the placement of a bunch of markers
+ Obscure's College of Winterhold - Rugnarok - corrects the placement of two rugs
+ Riverwood Redone - Mystic Condenser - minor placement corrections for mystic condenser and a chest in Sleeping Giant Inn
+ Ryn's Azura Shrine - 3DNPC - shifts one sitting marker
+ Ryn's Azura Shrine - Enhanced Landscapes - adjusts three mountain parts
+ Ryn's Azura Shrine - Lux Orbis - disables unnecessary lights
+ Ryn's Azura Shrine - Moon and Star - adjusts a few elements to prevent clipping
+ Ryn's Azura Shrine - NSUTR - moves three snowdrifts
+ Ryn's Azura Shrine - WACCF Armor and Clothing Extensions - moves a sack into a different position
+ Solitude Docks - Radiance Locations - forwards USSEP placement changes for three boxes
+ Tamrielic Culture - Keep It Clean - slightly moves basket and a broom in Bannered Mare
+ Tamrielic Culture - Medieval Spirits - resolves borked textures on a Tamrielic Culture's bottles using renamed vanilla meshes
+ Tamrielic Culture - New Treasure Hunt - moves two elements in Sleeping Giant Inn
+ Tamrielic Culture - Radiance: Locations - shifts a bottle in Vilemyr Inn
+ Tamrielic Culture - Thieves Night on the Town - resolves clipping issues in Gray Pine Goods and Four Shields Tavern
+ Trees Addon - CC Fishing - adjusts the position of a tree near Half Moon Mill
+ Trees Addon - JK's Skyrim - moves two trees in Rorikstead outside of the buildings
+ Windhelm Bridge Revived - iNeed Extended - changes new snowdrifts into iNeed activators

Irrelevant knowledge:
- all plugins are in ESP-FE format and packed into FOMOD installer,
- it's highly possible this collection will grow or shrink, some patches might someday receive the dedicated bigger collections,
- some plugins cover only the issues I've encountered while working on different projects, therefore they aren't finished, yet still serve their purpose.

Kris Takahashi for 3DNPC
SpiderAkiraC and mnikjom for AI Overhaul
uni_SL for Amulets of Skyrim  
kryptopyr for Armor and Clothing ExtensionCACO - Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul and Thieves Guild Requirements
BadGremlin for BadGremlin's Collection
AndrealphusVIII for BUVARP SE RE
Kinaga for CFTO - Carriage and Ferry Travel Overhaul
aviform and EpicCrab and DoubtSuspended and PhysicsFish and Daniel Hodge for Cheesemod
Vaelka for Dawn of Skyrim
DeviantKhaled and JPSteel2 for DK's Realistic Nord Ships
ACeeQ for Enhanced Landscapes
SarthesArai for ESO Imports and Radiance - Locations
Craftian for ezPG
T4GTR34UM3R for Happy Little Trees
Arnaud dOrchymont for Immersive Citizens
isoku for iNeed
DavidJedi for Jedi Trees
JKrojmal for JKs Skyrim
Sthaagg Memnochs and Clioshand for Keep It Clean
robbobert for Khajiit Will Follow
WiZkiD for Lanterns of Skyrim II
GGUNIT for Lux Orbis and Lux Via
KreaQ for M'rissi's Tails of Troubles
mathy79 for Medieval Spirits
EasierRider for Midden Expanded
Gan Xingba for Moon and Star
Dave053 for Mystic Condenser
fxckthisworld for Nature of the Wild Lands
InstantKor for New Treasure Hunt
Schlitzohr for New Weynon
Prometheus for No Snow Under the Roof
SomethingObscure for Obscure's College of Winterhold
Xfreakish for Riverwood Redone
Gamwich for Rugnarok
Ryn for Ryn's Azura's Shrine
Albro for Sky Haven Temple - Gardens
Senterpat for Skyrim Artwork Imports
clintmich and icecreamassassin and sirjesto for Skyrims Unique Treasures
AssyMcGee and Featherstone for Solitude Docks
Watcherzero for Tamrielic Culture
Megapatato for Thieves' Night on the Town
winedave for Trees Addon
miliyx and zohryu for Windhelm Bridge Revived