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A bunch of patches for Shattered Skyrim

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These are compatibility patches and consistency patches for Shattered Skyrim.

A lot of these patches technically aren't required as Shattered works with them, but they edit the world in a way that goes against the premise of shattered. Therefore for consistency they exist, typically it involves removing npcs, lights, fire, candles and food. Patches like this are labelled SSCP (Shattered Skyrim Consistency Patch) and should be loaded low in your Load order.

Compatibility Patches are different. They are for mods that do not work out the box and are needed for the two mods to work in conjunction (floating objects, occlusion planes causing flickering, holes in the ground, etc). These mods are labelled simply as "{mod name} patch" and should be loaded just below Shattered or the mod it's patching.

For maximum compatibility, base Shattered and its addons should be loaded low down in your load order. If you're familiar with LOOT rules, it should be in a group between interior lighting and high priority overrides. Mods after this should be as follows (if you use them)
  • Lux, Lux via and Lux Orbis
  • Northern Roads
  • Consistency patches
  • SSCP
  • Auto Patchers
  • Map mods

Here are the covered consistency patches (so far). There are plenty more to come:

Here are the covered compatibility patches (so far). There are plenty more to come:

Here are the patches that are both compatibility and consistency:

Relics of Hyrule will need my other mod to work as intended 

If you have any issues please let me know in the posts or with a bug report. There is probably things I've missed in these patches, some of them require me to play the game in order to find their issues and there's a chance I haven't run across all the incompatibilities. 

I have many more patches I want to make for my own mod list, so for now I probably won't be taking requests. You can still ask and if I like the look of the mod and personally wish to use it then I may consider it. If I don't reply here I am active in the Shattered discord if you want to find me there and ask about a patch.

Patreon if you're amazing and wish to support me