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Adds new dungeons around Skyrim, including Shatterstone Mine, Vallaskr, Stonehill Refuge, Khalbad's Rest, and Steamcrag Springs. Lore-friendly; SSE version.

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UPDATE: I'm now shooting for the release of v1.4 by the end of February 2019. It will feature 2 new dungeons and several additions to existing dungeons, as well as numerous changes, fixes, and polishes to the mod as a whole. Thank you all for your patience and encouragement! -ER 1/25/19

This mod adds new dungeons around Skyrim, all of which are lore-friendly, seamlessly integrated into the world, and fully compatible with juhaantero68's Forgotten Dungeons. For the sake of stability however, none of these locations are Radiant Quest enabled. Everything has also been hand-cleaned and polished with TES5Edit for maximum compatibility. N.B: v1.3 requires Dragonborn and Dawnguard DLCs!

My goal for this mod from the beginning has been to maximize immersion by emulating the style and quality of Bethesda's base-game dungeons. With any luck, by the time you stumble across these dungeons, they will feel just like another part of Skyrim.

There are 5 dungeons included in the current SSE version (v1.3), including:

Shatterstone Mine
- A large, bandit-infested mine south of Falkreath. Moderate difficulty, ~1 hour length

Vallaskr - A large, Nord ruin northeast of Windhelm. High difficulty, ~1 hour length

Stonehill Refuge - A large Giant cavern, located beneath Stonehill camp. High difficulty, ~1 hour length

Khalbad's Rest - A small Orcish shrine/burial cave near Riften. Low difficulty, ~15 minutes length

Steamcrag Springs - A small necromancer cave near Steamcrag Camp in Eastmarch. Moderate difficulty, ~15 minutes length

v1.3 Patch Notes:

I. New areas & Additions
    -Added a new, small dungeon: Steamcrag Springs!
    -New, small exterior area in Shatterstone Mine (behind previously inaccessible trapdoor)

II. Hand-cleaned & polished with TES5Edit
    -Removed  16 IMRs
    -Removed  1 wild edit

III. Bugfixes, tweaks, & minor changes
    -Grounded ship in Vallaskr now cannot be jumped over
    -Reduced risk of getting stuck in Vallaskr ice crevasses
    -Added a second, slightly hidden, Jade Claw near the Vallaskr claw door
    -Removed "Forge Numbers" from ancient tomes (clutter)
    -Khalbad's Rest key properly renamed
    -Khalbad's Shade is now much tougher
    -Added locations of other dungeons to maps in Vallaskr and Shatterstone Mine
    -Bears no longer spawn in Shatterstone Mine proper
    -Most torches can now be removed
    -All cells now have custom imagespaces and lighting templates

Hints and Tips:

-Don't walk on the lava!

-You might get stuck in a crevasse if you try hard enough. Type "tcl" into
the console to toggle NoClip mode in order to escape. Untoggle it with
the same command.

-Parts of these dungeons may cause performance issues for machines with older graphics cards. I've done what I can to
improve frame rate, but I'm not going to spend a lot of time in the
future messing around with optimization. That's just the way it is.

-While I take screenshots with an ENB (RealVision), I optimize visuals on
Vanilla for compatibility. If something looks funny (contrast, lighting,
etc.) that's probably the issue.

-Please report any bugs / glitches / other issues. I will try to deal with them when I can, which may be a while.

Known Incompatibilities:

-Invasion of Skyrim - GAT (Dungeon locations)
-Rigmor of Bruma (Shatterstone Mine location)

Thanks to everyone who has supported and encouraged me to stick with this and
other modding projects during 3+ years of development hell!