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Based on the whiterun expansion, by Pymous, this mod adds a market in the outskirts of whiterun.
I ported, fixed and added many funtions to the original mod. Very lore friendly!
Can be used alongside Elysium Estate!

Permissions and credits
  • Russian

Permission: "No problem you can use any part of my original mod and even modify it like you want."

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-- Modified Exterior of Whiterun only- scrip-free and lore friendly-
- Added 17 structures/houses
- Added an Inn (now it's functional and was updated in 2.0!! Now it's an original inn)
- Added an exterior marketplace
- Expanded exterior defensive structure
- Expanded all farming fields
- Added 6 NPC (with AI package)
- Added 4 merchants (with AI package)
- Added furniture and immersive details

- If somebody preferes a more vanilla like inn, use the 1.8 version of the Main File.

Compatibility list:

Mods that only change interior of whiterun=Of course
Mods that change the same area=i dont think soo
Immersive citizens=probably not, not tested -> i recommend AI overhaul instead
Whiterun Gates and Walls Restored -> reported not compatible due to clipping
Whiterun Expansion Redone -> reported compatible -> load this mod after mine
Landscape fixes for grass mods -> load my mod after this one or you'll have grass in unentended places
Provintial Courier Service -> load order: PCS -> Whiterun Market -> My patch!

Whiterun Redone -> There is some navmesh and landscape incompatibilies between this two mods. Do they work togueter? Yes. Are bugs in landscape? Probably. Am i gonna spend hours fixing it? Nope.
If you dont care much, they work togueter, probably load whiterun redone after my mod. If you want something really purrrfect it's one or another. If anyone has patience to patch both mods, you have my blessing.

Current patch list and load order:
Elysium Estate: LOAD ORDER: this mod - Elysium Estate - patch
BUTTT for 4.3.5 Elysium estate, no patch required, only for new version!!
Cutting room floor: LOAD ORDER: CRF - this mod - patch
Jk's skyrim= LOAD ORDER: Jk's skyrim - this mod - patch ---->>> this is actually optional. I disabled some objects from this mod, to avoid cliping of an object.
Provintial Courier Service (PCS) -> load order: PCS -> Whiterun Market -> My patch!
NOTE: about PCS -> if you use grass fixes dont tick this option in aarthmoors patches!!

New patches:

Whiterun Market - Better Courier -> Load order: better courier -> whiterun market -> patch. Beware - this patch probably wont work with Elysium Estate. Not tested. Plz dont ask for it. Triple patches are a no-no except if i made for personnal use.
Whiterun Market - Convenient Carriages -> my testing verified that only 1 item needed to be deleted from whiterun market for full compatibility! Just load the patch it after whiterun market :) -> ALSO LOAD Convenient Carriages BEFORE Whiterun Market!!!!!

Note: all patches were eslified


Q: What do you need???
A: This really needs better pics! -> Thank you cubbyman1 and shadowofnv for that!

Q: Is this fps friendly?
A: Yes! :O (at least it is for me)

Q: Why have u done this?
A: I love elysium state and i wanted to improve the area around it and this is the way i like it more to be.

Q: Can i use this mod with (insert mod here):
A: Hum. Maybe? xD

Q: Can i make a patch for this mod/make the NPC's prettier?
A: Sure! Just tell me, so i can link the mod in this description.

If u like, please endorse.
Also, any bug, plz report!

New screenshots were taken with the The Northern Experience Guide - that i highly recommend

Special thanks to:
Pymous: most of this mod is his work.
Mnikjom: helping me improve this mod
My gf for making half of the inn interior redesign.
Leone337: for helping testing this mod and finding some issues and for making the most recent pics for the inn!