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Vanilla style expansion of the village of Dragon Bridge that adds buildings and NPCs to the South side of the bridge, including a Blacksmith and a Chapel of Akatosh. 100% Compatible with Arthmoor's Dragon Bridge or The Great City of Dragon Bridge. Optional Stormcloak occupied version available.

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Detailed Description:
Designed to reflect Dragon Bridge's importance as a trade link to Solitude, this mod adds 7 new NPCs and 4 buildings to the Hjaalmarch side of the Bridge. This includes a Blacksmith (previously there was none in Dragon Bridge), Farmers, and a Priest of either Akatosh or Talos (depending on which version you install). Certain NPCs will cross the Bridge and visit the Four Shields Tavern on the North side, which helps the town feel more connected and alive. 

New NPCs:
The aging Nords Yngvird and Sovjena, a husband and wife, run a small farm of 2 cows, 2 goats and 3 chickens. During the day they will tend their farm and in the afternoon Yngvird will cross the bridge and visit the Tavern for a few hours before they both go to sleep in their farmhouse. 

Rembrius and Lucius are 2 Imperial cousins that settled in Hjaalmarch after fighting in the Great War. Rembrius serves the town as a Blacksmith, while Lucius works around town and visits the tavern in the evening.

Hagar and Ysna are a married couple of middle aged Nords, Hagar spends most his time drinking, while Ysna sweeps the porch and wanders around town. They have a hidden shrine of Talos in their basement.

Jerienie is a Breton Priest of Akatosh who tends the Chapel of Akatosh. If the Stormcloak version is installed he will be replaced by Shonvar Shor's-Blood, a Nord Priest of Talos. during the day they will tend the shrine, and wander the town.

Stormcloak Version: 
This version is meant to be installed once the Stormcloaks have captured Hjaalmarch Hold in the Civil War. If you play the Imperial side use the regular version. Changes in the Stormcloak Version include the Chapel of Akatosh being converted to a Temple of Talos, the Hjaalmarch Guards being changed to the Stormcloak variants, and small fortifications at the bridgehead to defend against attack from the north side of town.  

Not compatible with any mods that add anything near the south end of Dragon Bridge. Compatible with Dragon Bridge by Arthmoor (recommended), and The Great City of Dragon Bridge by soldierofwar.

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