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Light weight and lore friendly expansion of the area east of Fort Snowhawk to include the ruins of the former city of Snowhawk which was present in TES I: Arena and mentioned in TES IV: Oblivion.

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"We bid you enter Snowhawk, where the wind is as sharp as its talons, and as fierce as its name.." - TES I: Arena

Much like the city of Sutch in TES IV: Oblivion, Fort Snowhawk is a location that saw itself reduced from a full fledge city in previous games and lore, to a minor fort. The former capital of Hjaalmarch, and one of the original major 5 cities in Skyrim, not much is left or mentioned of the city in TES V besides the ruins of the castle, now Fort Snowhawk. This mod adds a lightweight extension to the east side of Fort Snowhawk, adding the ruins and walls of the former city. As Skyrim was known to be heavily impacted by the Oblivion Crisis, I have included the remains of three Oblivion gates (with the use of Hanaisse's Oblivion gate modders resource) around the city to add some narrative to its demise. Many people have assumed that Snowhawk was destroyed during the Oblivion Crisis and the small town located outside of the city (mentioned by the Night Mother in TES IV) would later become the city of Morthal, leaving Snowhawk abandoned in the wake of the city's destruction. A small overgrown road and sunken bridge have been added to the north of Morthal leading to the city.


While I assume the land around Fort Snowhawk has largely been untouched by mods, compatability issues may be present with some civil war mods or landscape overhauls. If there are please let me know.

Special Thanks:

Hanaisse for the Oblivion Gate Resource
Tarlazo for contributions to v 1.5
Beyond Skyrim for inspiring me to venture further into exterior mod creation.

* Note: this mod is not affiliated with the BS Team, I'm just a nobody former team member