About this mod

Winterhold Restored removes the ruined buildings in Winterhold and adds fishing docks, a greenhouse, a fishery, stables, new buildings, walls, gates, merchants, guards, followers, marriable npcs and more.

This mod has been cleaned with SSEEdit, is fully navmeshed and was optimized with occlusion planes to boost fps.

Permissions and credits
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Winterhold Restored removes the ruined buildings in Winterhold and adds walls to demarcate the boundaries of the city proper, gates, 15 new buildings and a few landmarks. The mod also features the addition of the following merchants/services to the city:

  • An alchemist
  • A bard
  • A blacksmith
  • A bookstore
  • A ferryman
  • A fishery
  • A fletcher
  • A food vendor
  • A general goods store merchant and fence
  • A greenhouse
  • A guardhouse with a jail, additional guards and a guard captain
  • A hunter/fisherman
  • A jeweler
  • A meadhall
  • A "mod" merchant (this special merchant will sell gear exclusive to the mod and requested by mod users)
  • A spell merchant
  • A tailor
  • Fishing docks
  • Stables with a white horse breed that's unique to Winterhold

All of the new citizens have been set as protected, with the exception of the followers who have been set as essential. The NPCs' level scale with the player and they don't have level caps. The NPCs have immersive schedules and a few of them can become potential followers and marriageable options once their disposition is high enough. Winterhold now sports a furry mascot, a unique snow-white husky follower, who wanders the city and its outskirts. This mod has been cleaned with SSEEdit, is fully navmeshed, features limited landscape edits and has been carefully optimized with occlusion planes to boost fps. Meshes from the modding resources that were used, were all cleaned and optimized with SSE NIF Optimizer.


--The Fishery--

To find the fishery, you need to walk under the bridge that connects the city and the college of Winterhold, continue along the narrow path down the hill and you will see it below near the water's edge. You can place pond fish, salmon roe, clam meat and slaughterfish eggs in the fish hatchery to spawn fish just like the fishery that becomes available through Windstad Manor in the Hearthfire DLC.

--The Fishing Docks--

The fishing docks is within view of the fishery and could be seen while walking the same path down the hill. The docks also features a ferryman who will transport you to Solitude, Dawnstar, Morthal, Windhelm and Castle Volkihar and will chat about those destinations once you've hired him to take you there, similar to the carriage drivers. In addition to this, the vanilla ferrymen will also be able to transport the player to Winterhold and give immersive dialogue about the Hold when they do.

--The Greenhouse--

The greenhouse is maintained by the alchemist in her basement, go to the alchemist's store located near the Frozen Hearth Inn, head downstairs and you will find the entrance to the greenhouse. You can grow up to 80 plants there.

--The Guardhouse and Jail--

Most of the new guards added in the mod will sleep there after their patrol. The jail can be found in the basement. Please note that I didn't touch the crime system in Winterhold - when you commit a crime you will still go to the ice cave, "The Chill," my jail is purely for aesthetics for now. I'm considering adding a system to allow the player to send NPCs there in the future or even adding a torture chamber if enough folks request it.

If the Empire gains control of Winterhold all of the guards added by my mod including the ones patrolling the fishery and fishing docks will be replaced by imperial soldiers, the guard captain will also be replaced. In addition to this, the Winterhold banners on the guardhouse will switch to imperial banners if they take over the hold during the Civil War and even the makeshift Talos shrine within the Guardhouse will be removed.

--The Landmarks--

There are two statues of Shalidor, the founder of Winterhold, one near the guardhouse with a greatsword and the other under the new oak tree with an eagle. NPCs will gather around them from time to time, just like the Gildergreen in Whiterun. Winterhold now has a Temple of Jhunal, a place of learning and research, inspired in part by the lore in TES II: Daggerfall. The Temple features a staff enchanter and a spider scroll crafting station introduced by the Dragonborn DLC. Outside of the Temple, there is a statue of Jhunal, the nordic god of wisdom and magic. Just outside of the meadhall down at the docks, is a statue of Kyne with a shrine and a plaque to memorialize those who died in the Great Collapse.

--The Meadhall--

It is located at the fishing docks. You can buy food and drinks there, it has a lot of beds for you and your followers and safe cloud storage chests in its basement. The meadhall also has a pool of water in its basement that can be used with your bathing mods. Feel free to set the meadhall and/or its basement as a "home base" for your followers, it was designed with this in mind. The bard added in the mod will also perform there and several of the citizens throughout the city will visit it.

--The Merchants--

The leveled lists for the goods sold by the new merchants have been carefully tweaked so they will have a chance to sell most of the vanilla and official DLC items in the game. Please note, that the rare items added by the guild quests and the official DLCs will only appear once those questlines have been completed. This isn't a cheat, since in most cases you would have already bought or collected the rare items during the questline anyway. The rationale for this feature is based on the premise that the resolution of the conflicts in those questlines would and should open up trade with those factions and/or regions just as in real life (something that was done with the Thieves Guild questline with respect to the new fences and caravans). The following is a list of the prerequisite events for the expansion of goods available to the merchants in this mod:

Dawnguard DLC

Hearthfire DLC

Dragonborn DLC

Vaermina's Daedric Quest

Thieves Guild Questline

Dark Brotherhood Questline

The College of Winterhold Questline

Once the prerequisite event has occurred, go to Winterhold and pray at the Shrine of Jhunal, once done the merchants will begin to stock the new items. I welcome suggestions or requests for additional vanilla gear to be added to the merchants. With version 1.8, a "mod" merchant was added, Vithar, who will sell items unique to this specific mod and any additional gear that users of the mod made requests for.

--The NPCs--

I've added detailed AI packages to all the new NPCs in Winterhold. Please note that none of the vanilla NPCs have been touch by this mod in any way. The new NPCs will do their jobs, cook, clean, chop wood, carry buckets, carry firewood, train with the combat dummies, and a wide variety of other tasks. They will be more immersive and have more daily tasks than most of the vanilla and DLC NPCs, if you have ever used Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul SE, then you will know what I mean. Even the children will do activities that are on par with those featured in the Hearthfire DLC. This mod also features 7 hidden potential marriage and follower options:


Each follower has been set as essential, their levels scale with the player and they don't have level caps - they can and will outperform the vanilla NPC followers as a result because most of the vanilla NPCs have level caps. They also have the lightfoot perk to avoid traps and will not affect your stealth meter when you sneak. This mod also adds a husky follower who wanders town and the area near the fishery and the fishing docks, along with a spell to summon him. He is set as essential just like those 7 potential followers and has the same stealth perks.

--The Stables--

You can buy a horse from the stables near the inn. The horses are all snow-white with blue glowing eyes thanks to their mage owner. All the horses, including the saddled horse that you buy, are already set as essential and won't die. If for whatever reason you dislike the glowing eyes of these horses you can download a mesh replacer in the download section that would make the horses more vanilla.

--The Scripts--

Each script added in the mod is simple and are all based on scripts that already exist in the vanilla game: they "fire" when needed and "sleep" when not; they don't run perpetually in the background, run once every few seconds or run whenever you load the game or a cell like certain scripts in other mods. Each script has been named appropriately to easily hint its purpose and shares a "MWR" prefix in its name to help with troubleshooting if needed.

Requirements, Installation and Updating


  • Skyrim - Latest Version
  • Dawnguard
  • Hearthfire
  • Dragonborn


For new games you can simply travel to Winterhold, however, if you're already mid-game then travel to an interior location on the opposite side of the world map like inside the inn in Markarth, make a save or saves in that location and close the game. Follow the automatic or manual installation procedure, start up the game, head to Winterhold to see the changes and pray at the Shrine of Jhunal in the center of town to dynamically patch the mod with the other mods in your load order. Roll back to that pre-install save(s) and delete any/all post-install saves if you change your mind about using the mod. Do not uninstall my mod on a post-install save.

For an automatic install, I recommend the use of a Mod Manager like Mod Organizer or Nexus Mod Manager. I personally prefer Mod Organizer and strongly recommend it, it might take some getting used to but the payoff is absolutely worth it. If you're new to modding and would like to learn how to install and use Mod Organizer then check out this video tutorial here.

For a manual installation simply unzip the zip file then copy and paste its contents into Skyrim Special Edition's Data folder and overwrite when prompted.

Please do not merge my mod with other mods, using SSEEditWrye Bash or any other tool, I can't guarantee that the scripts in my mod would work properly if you do.


Before updating, dismiss any of the new followers from this mod if you're using them, head to and enter an interior cell like an inn or house in a distant hold like Falkreath, make a save, then close the game. Update the mod by reinstalling it with the latest version, ideally you should do this with a mod manager. Once you've loaded up the game wait for at least 10 days (the default cell reset time) before you head back to Winterhold. Once in Winterhold, pray at the Shrine of Jhunal and wait for the in-game update to complete. Why do you have to wait for those 10 in-game days? Cells need time to reset all the objects that are stored within it, if I made significant changes to an interior or exterior cell(s) in the new update and you immediately went to Winterhold then it's possible that you won't see the changes immediately - this has nothing to do with my mod it's just how the Skyrim engine works. This is a good practice to adopt even if you don't use my mod, but use the other city overhauls that are still being updated by their authors.

Mod Compatibility

--Compatible Mods--

  • Built-in compatibility with DynDOLOD.
  • Built-in compatibility with RS Children Overhaul and other child overhaul mods.
  • Built-in compatibility with Convenient Horses.
  • Built-in compatibility with mods that alter the appearance of vampires like Humanoid Vampires SE.
  • Mods that add NPCs to the city of Winterhold.
  • Mods that alter the interiors of the vanilla buildings in Winterhold.
  • Mods that, of course,  aren't related to Winterhold.

--Slightly Compatible Mods--

The following mods become fully compatible as long as my mod's esp is loaded after their esp or is positioned lower down your mod load order:

--Incompatible Mods--

The following mods are either slightly incompatible or completely incompatible with my mod:

--Redundant Mods--

Considering the scope of the mod, a few smaller mods will be redundant, offering you a chance to free up your load order for new playthroughs. Please don't uninstall them mid-game, doing so might screw up your game! This list is expected to grow with future updates:

  • Dragon Priest Replica Masks - If you're only interested in being able to enchant mage-friendly cloth versions of each or any one of the masks.
  • Ingredients in a Jar - My alchemist sells all of them.
  • Garm the Husky Companion SE - My husky uses the same white textures created by wrig675, has similar stats and perks and was created in a way which doesn't edit the vanilla Dialogue Follower quest because doing so tends to cause compatibility issues with other follower mods.
  • More Albino Spiders - The general goods store will stock these once the Dragonborn DLC is complete, also visit the Temple of Jhunal for access to the spider scroll crafting station. Congratulations, you can finally do a more viable Arachnomancer build!
  • Carriage and Ferry Travel Overhaul - My mod already adds a new ferryman to Winterhold, CFTO is only redundant if you're like me and only installed it because it added a ferryman to the city. CFTO is still superior though, as it adds several ferrymen, carriages and transport to several destinations.

--Recommended Mods--

Please note that the following are not requirements but will either aesthetically enhance or in some cases add more stability to your mod loadout, even if you don't use my mod:

  • Majestic Mountains
  • Nordic Snow (aka HQ Snow Texture)
  • Vivid Weathers Special Edition
  • A Merged Patch created with SSEEdit is recommended to increase compatibility between mods in general. You can learn how to create a merged patch here.
  • A Bashed Patch created with Wrye Bash could improve the likelihood of modded items from other mods becoming available for sale by my new merchants, provided that the mod authors added them to the appropriate leveled lists. You can learn how to create a bashed patch here.
  • BethINI is a fantastic tool that optimizes and tweaks your Skyrim INI files to run the game smoother and with less lag.
  • Dynamic Distant Objects LOD - DynDOLOD will improve the quality of the LODs in the game and will allow you to properly assign tree LODs that match your own tree mods via the use of tree billboards. You can learn how to set up DynDOLOD for your mod load out here.



Do not upload my mod to another site without my permission. Contact me if you are interested in doing a translation.


Special thanks to the authors of the following mods and/or modding resources for providing the assets needed to make this mod possible: